Viva Home Comfort is the Best Smart Homes and Rent to Own Provider of HVAC Systems in Toronto

Smart Homes & Water heater rental in Toronto saves on energy and replacement costs.

Water heater and energy costs can get out of hand quickly. A reputable and affordable rental company has options major retailers do not. Water heater rental is becoming a more common thing every year due to consumers not wanting to pay the maintenance costs associated with their purchased water heater. A typical water heater found in a retail store is not made to withstand the excessive wear and tear that a rental can.

Viva Home Comfort Water Heater Rental Program ( offers state of the art water heaters at standard prices. With 24/7 customer service and emergency maintenance, Toronto renters can rely on having hot water year round. The rental follows the renter, not the location where it is initially installed. That means there is no need to initiate a new contract which eliminates a lot of time and stress.

A successful appliance company has many options to choose from and employs a well-educated staff. Viva has partnered with energy companies to provide free Nest thermostats in exchange for energy-saving measures on the customer’s part. Living in a smart home ( has never been so easy.

If a customer does have an appliance that needs replacing, they are provided with their options for the replacement immediately and the install is scheduled for as early as the next day. Free install and takeaway service as well as updating the existing vent pipe are included. There are never any hidden costs. The only cost you pay is the monthly rent.

When you have your free evaluation, the needs of your family and the structure of your home will be assessed and you will receive a list of options that fit your needs. When considering whether to rent or buy your appliances consult with a company that is dedicated to bringing you high-quality appliances at costs you simply will not get with an in-store purchase.

Viva Home Comfort Water Heater Rental Program is just one part of a company that has been making customers happy across the board with appliances. A company that has proven that the customer can come first and remains environmentally conscious is one that can give its customers peace of mind.

The most basic amenities are often not the first that come to mind when moving to a new location. Trust a company that remembers the little stuff and contact Viva about the water heater rental program. While you are there, check out the other smart home, heating, and air rentals available.

About Viva Home Comfort

Viva Home Comfort ( is 100% Canadian owned and operated with a mission to be the best in the home comfort industry. The mission is to provide Toronto customers a no-hassle experience with upfront costs and reliable customer support. The environment is a constant concern and Canada has extreme weather so having reliable appliances is a must. Viva understands that and presents the highest quality products at prices that allow you to rest easy and in comfort.

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