Young Start-up Labfender Launches Winrac, the Easiest Way to Share Routes and Locations in a Single Click

(December 11, 2017) – Labfender, a young Algeria based start-up, has launched Winrac, a revolutionary new app that allows sharing a quick route to any contact that can be accessed with just a single click over popular platforms such as Google maps, Viber, Skype or Whatsapp.

Winrac works as an advanced addition to Google Maps, greatly simplifying its use with a single-click access feature. The GPS route finder allows the user to find out their co-ordinates and share them via SMS, email or other instant messenger apps. The receiver can access the route with a single click without having to install Winrac.

The one-click itinerary tool is the most convenient way to share routs and locations. The user verifies the GPS signal to get the location, selects the mode or app to use (SMS, email, or other apps), picks up the contact and sends the link that carries the route. The recipient clicks on the link to generate the route to the exact location of the sender. Winrac does more than merely share locations. It not only generates the position of the user, but also a route between the recipient and the user and works with real time GPS co-ordinates of the phone.

“We have launched Winrac in the Algerian market, and in the last 3 months have received 27,000 downloads with a rating of 4.4. We have a team whose focus is on providing a 24 hour coverage to all 5 continents. Winrac aims to become the most popular app to share routes and locations with anyone, at anytime and from anywhere,” said Khelil Youcef of Labfender.

Winrac will be loved by users all over the world to share their routes from home, markets and shopping arenas, stores and restaurants, or business premises, all with a readymade link to the route. Travelers and outdoor users will like its ease of use at any place, and the app will also find use during emergency situations.


LABFENDER is a young Algerian startup located in Algiers center. Our international and multicultural team is composed mainly of Algerians but also of French and Indian collaborators. This allows us to monitor our services and commercialize our applications on 5 continents 24 hours a day. Indeed, we have teams that work 8 hours on the Europe-Africa region. Another takes over 8 hours on the North and South America region. The latter provides the 8 hours of the Asia and Middle East region. Our goal is to launch simple applications that solve the worries of everyday life all over the world.

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