PressBuy CEO: Our Site Is a Unique Way To Shop Online

“The Reverse of eBay as the Prices Always Go Down, Not Up.”

New York – December 11, 2017: The CEO of PressBuy is excited to spread the word to the public about everything PressBuy has to offer.

“I started up PressBuy as a site that provides people with some great ways to save money on all the products they want and need,” the CEO said. “As great as online auction sites can be, there were serious problems out there with regards to bidding wars causing products to keep going up in value well beyond what they are really worth. So I figured there needs to be a site out there where the price actually goes down as time moves along.”

The CEO found a great solution for offering products for sale. It would entail a setup where each seller will post one’s items up for sale and then set up a minimum. “Our site uses an algorithm that determines when the price goes down,” the CEO said. “The price of the product will continue to go down over time until it reaches a bare minimum based on what the seller wants it to be.

“More importantly, the customer is never aware of what the lowest possible price might be, thus adding to the suspense.”

The distinct design of PressBuy and its overall functionality make it one of the more intriguing places for people to visit when looking to find quality products for sale.

The CEO also has a great setup for making it easier for people to list their items on the site. “People can list products of all sorts on our site from tech products to fashions to toys and everything else in between. Our site offers many great sections for people to browse through,” the CEO remarks.

“Our market system is also very trustworthy. We use a system where people will list their products for sale, and then buyers will confirm when they have gotten their products. It is only then that the money will go between the buyer and seller, thus ensuring no one is going to be ripped off when buying something here.”

PressBuy is available for people to shop at right now through The site has a powerful look and design that improves upon how well people can find various products for sale in many forms.

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