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When we think of renovations, a lot of different things can come to mind.  The first thing that we visualize are basic upgrading and overhauls of old buildings as well as the additional construction involved in adding additional rooms to a house or other building.  Home Renovations Canada (http://homerenovationscanada.ca/) does all types of renovations, however, the primary renovations done are basement renovations in Vaughan.  Basement renovations are the most widespread request for renovations in the Vaughan area.  The reason being that many people need to renovate their basement in order to create additional space in their home to open it up for a variety of activities.  Some people want to renovate their basement to create living quarters for a displaced family member or to rent out to an outsider in order to generate a source of income to supplement the household. 

Some common basement renovations include:

  • Basic basement finishing- this type of renovation is about putting in new flooring and covering the bare walls of an unfinished basement.  In doing this it makes more space and opens thing up for a variety of activities.
  • Additional living quarters-  The professionals at Home Renovations are knowledgeable in plumbing and electrical work and are capable of installing kitchens (http://homerenovationscanada.ca/kitchen-renovations/) and bathrooms (http://homerenovationscanada.ca/bathroom-renovations/) in your basement area in order to create a second living quarters.  This would make your basement the perfect living space in which to use as a rental and allow you to generate some “extra” income during these trying financial times.
  • Another reason people want to do basement renovations in Vaughan is to create themselves a workspace or gym that is quiet and separate from the rest of the house and home noises.  Home Renovations can have the basement soundproofed for an even more private space that is perfect for doing work or exercising in.

When you call Home Renovations Canada for a free consultation on your basement or other renovations (http://homerenovationscanada.ca/basement-renovations/), you will receive more than just a price estimate.  The representative you are scheduled to meet with will go over the following ideas and recommendations during your consultation visit:

  • Assisting you with ideas that are in a catalog of previously completed projects
  • Helping you to determine what renovations are in your current budget
  • Your estimate will be given based on the factors discussed and go over what will affect the final cost of renovations
  • Give you a “walk-through” of the precut and custom elements such as counters and cabinets
  • Go over all the financing options available and determine what will be your best method of payment for the project
  • Look at some inspiring “before and after” photographs of other projects completed.

About Home Renovations:

Home Renovations Canada (http://homerenovationscanada.ca/about-us/) proudly services the Greater Toronto Area and offers the best in kitchen and basement renovations.  Making customers’ homes beautiful and comfortable is the mission behind the work done here at Home Renovations. 

If you would like to start a renovation project, call Home Renovations Canada at 647-477-0667 and you will receive the fastest service from one of the knowledgeable representatives.  You will be scheduled a FREE, in-home consultation at your earliest convenience. 

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