Hrothgar’s Hoard Produces One of a Kind Leather Spell Books and Journals

DragonHyde are leather spell books and journals for Role Playing Games (RPG) play:  As a solution for leather-bound, hand stitched spell books, journals, and book covers, the entire line of Hrothgar’s Hoard heirloom quality books promote natural beauty and craftsmanship for RPGs.

Customize spells, abilities, and record every detail from an RPG campaign with DragonHyde spell books, adventurer’s journals, campaign journals, and book covers.  By partnering with Waxingdog Studio, Hrothgar’s Hoard is able to purchase remnant leather, ensuring that each piece is an original work of art.  These unique leather pieces will be used to create:

  • Spell Book – Perfect for the spell caster on the go, the twenty ultra-clear polypropylene single card pages hold standard size cards such as D&D spell cards, equipment cards, or any other card that measures 2.5” x 3.5”.
  • Adventurer’s Journal – Log adventures with a quality journal perfect for recording the exploits of a single character.  This 4.5” x 6” high quality leather bound journal contains approximately 160 pages.
  • Campaign Journal – The larger, hefty tomb is perfect for documenting the heroic deeds of an entire party.  Using only high quality drawing paper, this 6” x 9” journal contains 160 pages and is perfect for recording maps, drawings, prose, and clues.
  • DragonHyde Book Covers – Protect the investment of today’s gaming books that are truly works of art with a book cover.  The leather will not adhere to the cover of a book, making it the perfect protector for an RPG book investment.

Professional Artwork

Two professional artists, known for their FRPG work, are partnering with Hrothgar’s Hoard:  Diesel (David LaForce) and Charles Urbach.

  • Diesel – As one of the first generation of D&D artists, Diesel has allowed Hrothgar’s Hoard the license to engrave three of his pieces of art onto the DragonHyde line of products.
  • Charles Urbach – Best known for his illustrations featured on Magic the Gathering cards from Wizards of the Coast, Urbach has been awarded numerous awards and accolades during his career.  

Engraving Options

Adding personal engraving is available for the spell book, book cover, adventurer’s journal, and campaign journal.  Simply specify which engraving is desired.  The artwork can be placed on the front or back of the spell book and book cover, while the artwork can only be placed on the back cover of the adventurer and campaign journal.  In addition to the entire line of leather covers, books, and journals, specific items from previous projects, such as the Dragon pen and Dice Devil’s Trap, will be available for purchase.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at,

offers pledge levels from $1 to $180, with rewards including the one of a kind leather engraved journals, book covers, and engraving.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About DragonHyde:  DragonHyde is a complete line of leather covers for RPG journals and books. 

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