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Ontario Container Transport strives to continue being one of the most dependable ocean freight shipping companies Canada can depend on for timely transport, shipping, and knowledgeable service.  In achieving this goal, OCT strives to provide the widest range of ocean freight options, specialty containers for shipping freight, expedited shipments, as well as premium handling and packaging. 

OCT has the capacity to handle a wide assortment of ocean shipping types – including FCLs and LCLs.  The logistics professionals use OCT’s set of contacts for ocean freight shippingsuppliers in the attempt to give the customer the best possible shipment options no matter far it may need to travel. 

There are many benefits to shipping freight by ocean.  Because of the ship’s size, there are fewer limitations to the amount one can ship by ocean, unlike by land or air.  Also, ocean shipments are the better options for heavier and long distance shipment for the obvious reason of the cost of fuel and other concerns.  Ocean shipping may not be as speedy as air shipping, however, it is more reliable because very rarely do weather conditions affect ocean freight shipments.

Another advantage Ontario Container Transport has over other ocean container companies is that they are not tied to one supplier; there is a whole group of providers in which can serve your businesses shipping needs. 

Call 905-695-1501 and speak with an ocean freight specialist to find out more about your options, also to receive a free quote. 

Air shipping is one of the fastest ways to ship your cargo to where it needs to go.  Understanding the importance of quick shipments by air, OCT has partnered when several other contacts in order to provide customers with an array of suppliers and shippers. 

OCT has no limits on the size, weight or schedules of air shipments; therefore, no penalties for going over a limitation or making a last minute scheduled flight change.   Because OCT has many established relationships with major air carriers, it is easier to expedite air shipping concerns and get you on the fast track to better shipping options.  When shopping for a mix of fast and cost effective shipping, the economy air shipping options are some of the best options available with their 3-day delivery options; air logistics specialist with work with you and other air shipping partners, to meet your tightest shipping deadlines and get you the best possible delivery options. 

About Ontario Container Transport:

Ontario Container Transport goes above and beyond what other freight shipping companies do in their attempt at satisfying customer’s needs.  OCT aims to please by providing freight shipping, moving and warehouse solutions ( to customers no matter how big or small the job may be.  Instead of being tied to just one supplier, OCT has a network of suppliers to rely on for all their intermodal shipping, this allows the customizing of shipping routes for customers in order to give even more flexible shipping and delivery schedules. 

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