CALIFORNIA, 11 December 2017 — Throughout history, fiction has been a major force in spurring our involvement in the world around us. Richards wrote World Without Cats influenced strongly by his many years living with cats. According to him, “we humans have, over the millennia, learned to live with domestic animals such as cats, dogs, horses, and others. These relationships are clearly symbiotic, benefitting both the humans and their animals.  The extinction of any of these animals would, certainly, be a catastrophe for Homo sapiens.

World Without Cats, first published by iUniverse, and now republished by Toplink Publishing, is a story of a strange, fatal hemorrhagic disease of house cats. Combining his love of science fiction and cats, Richards tells the engaging story of three scientists who face this rapidly-spreading disease that threatens to wipe cats off the face of the planet. Veterinarian Vera Barnett suspects that the illness, feline hemorrhagic fever or FHF, originated in the lab of her lover, molecular biologist Noah Chamberlin who has been investigating a hereditary feline disease at a nearby university. However, accumulating evidence suggests otherwise. The disease spreads all over the world, killing millions of cats. Epidemiologist Angelo Kraakmo is assigned to the case and joins Vera and Noah in their investigation. It’s a race against the clock as 80 percent of the cat population dies off and the planet must deal with the potential loss of an entire species. Newspapers report FHF mortality figures on their front pages. Rodent-borne diseases reach epidemic levels. Cat-oriented businesses suffer severe economic losses.

Richards thinks of his book as a cautionary tale pointing to the dangers of as yet undiscovered viruses. He says, “I hope readers will be inspired to think about how we take our domestic animals for granted and that there is a real risk that something we don’t anticipate could wipe them out.”

Worthy of reading, the book unveils its events in an understandable manner. Indeed, World Without Cats is a masterpiece. This amazing book is available for purchase through

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Bonham Richards is a retired biology educator. He has been a cat-lover as well as a science fiction fan as long as he can remember. Before his retirement, Richards taught biology, particularly microbiology, at California State University, San Bernardino and at the University of Southern California. On his retirement, Richards moved to Camarillo, California. Soon after he settled there, Cal. State University Channel Islands were founded nearby. Perhaps inspired by his cat Lilith, Richards got the idea for World Without Cats and opted to base much of the novel around a fictional professor, Noah Chamberlin, at the new university.


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