Plastmark Innovates New Way to Use Consumer Waste

The world is quickly filling up with waste products.  Every person in the world generates from 1.76 to 4.40 pounds of trash per day, and the greatest tragedy is that much of this plastic, paper or other materials could be used again if only people could develop new recycling technologies.  Plastmark is one of those innovative pioneers that has created a new method of using plastic and sugar cane byproducts to create a biodegradable material from which dozens of products can be made. Not only does this reduce the damage to the environment by limiting use or unreproducible raw materials, but it is also limiting carbon emissions which occur during fabrication. The Fiber Plastic Composite can be used in a variety of manufacturing processes to make chairs, corners, pots, tables, buckets, etc.

FPC can be produced from an array of plastic polymers which is combined with sugar cane bagasse, corn, or agave bagasse. The Fiber Plastic Composite which sturdy and durable in final form, can be used in place of conventional plastic, wood or cardboard. This versatile material can be easily shaped via extrusion or injection molding. Plastmark is confident that this eco-friendly, fire-resistant material will quickly become a staple in the manufacturing sector. 

While FPC holds enormous promise, it still requires help from the public to truly reach its potential.  In order to optimize the manufacturing process for FPC, Plastmark requires $150,000 to purchase vital production machinery. In order to raise these funds, Plastmark has sponsored a campaign on Indiegogo.  In return for their support, financial contributors may receive valuable perks like FPC key chains, FPC pots, opportunities to pitch new FPC products and distribution rights.  To learn more about Plastmark, please visit

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Company Name: Plastmark Recycling Innovation
Contact Person: Carlos Sahagun
Country: United States