Picked Products Launches Guide on How Not to Lose Money During the Next Black Friday Sale

US – Picked Products launched a guide on how not to lose money during the next Black Friday sale. The guide was launched to enlighten Black Friday shoppers about the way stores make the items appear low-priced when they are actually sold at their original prices.

Some companies increase product prices 1 week before Blackfriday deals, so they can decrease the prices on that day to the normal price and call it a blackfriday deal. We have received multiple reports of this around the world, especially in Europe where most blackfriday discounts are not “real discounts”. If you want to make a good deal, check the prices on those shops a few weeks before and then check the prices on blackfriday to see if they are really a good deal or not,” stated a representative of the company.

The guide launched by Picked Products contains useful tips that can help buyers find the best deals during grand sales such as the Black Friday sale. The Black Friday sale is one of the most anticipated events by shoppers because of the low prices. Held a day after Thanksgiving Day and barely a month before Christmas Day, the Black Friday sale draws a big crowd every year. People are attracted by the big ‘discounts’ on almost all items in the store. Too bad the sale price is often still more or the same amount as the original price, that is, if these products a purchased a month before the sale.

The Picked Products guide advises shoppers to check the prices of the products online, such as on Amazon. This will serve as a point of comparison with regards to pricing. If the price of the product online is just the same as the sale price, then, shoppers are actually not able to save money during the Black Friday sale. Customers are advised to read the terms and condition when using discount coupons. In most cases, customers can only enjoy the $50 coupon if they make a purchase of $250 minimum. Then, they can purchase another item using the coupon. Instead of saving money, customers spend more because they might purchase items that they don’t really need just to be able to enjoy the $50 coupon.

To save money and not get scammed, research is the key! Don’t buy items just because they say they are discounted. Good deals can be found on many other days than Black Friday, and often, Black Friday deals aren’t really deals anyways.

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