Lazy Way Using The Power of Resell Rights Products


Discover How You Too Can Profit Handsomely And The ‘Lazy Way’ Using The Power of Resell Rights Products and how you can make 100% profits selling it without all the hard work into creating the products yourself.

Hong Kong – December 12th, 2017 – Cyber Marketing Consultants Ltd has proudly announced that they are offering an astounding 70%+10% discount plus FREE marketing consultancy to its customers via their web site The Hong Kong based marketing company will launch an advertising campaign and people will be able to reserve their Digital Products Packages on these special discounted rates. Founded by Raf Preite, a seasoned Italian businessman who from many years has his business center in Hong Kong, the company has made a name for itself in the industry with services suitable to companies that were looking to expand their business horizons abroad.

“After becoming aware that there was an increasing number of people wishing to do business online, he decided to offer packages containing digital products that could allow them to be resold online and offline too without letting them spend a fortune,” said Raf Preite, The Founder of Cyber Marketing Consultants Ltd while announcing the new campaign. “I welcome willing people from around the world to support this campaign and get their packages on surprising rates so they can start to run a business within minutes,” he added.

In addition, the company is offering these watches with 70%+10% discount and FREE marketing consultancy so that people from around the world might start to Make Money just few minutes after the download and can decide the selling price and keep all the profits for yourself since all our products come with: Master Resale Rights (MRR) license!

With Master Resell Rights (MRR) license, not only you can resell that particular product to your customers, but the most important of all, you can also give your customers the rights to sell it again to their customers. You will learn “The Art Of Making Money Effortlessly From Other People’s Work”.

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Mr. Raf Preite started his fantastic international business adventure since 1988 both offline and, in the era of internet, online as well. He is Italian and the business brought him, year after year, to consider the possibility of having his own office in Asia. So many years ago he chose Hong Kong as his ideal destination to carry out international business both as an agent, importer and as a consultant as well.

“Together with my family I live in Italy and although I do not live permanently in Asia, I am fascinated as the first day I arrived in Taiwan and Singapore”. Of course, the recurrent trips do not make me feel the lack of those places as well as those people so hospitable and always available to do business, just as I like it. He added.

We are showing you the easiest and cheapest way to start working towards earning money from home thanks to our collection of premium quality digital products, all designed to help you build and grow your business on the Internet.

We can show you the hard way, but on your part you have to work hard and with real passion: easy and immediate money do not exist, but if you want learn and follow our advices you can find the right way to get extra income (the amount depends only on you).

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