World\’s Largest Tweety Bird Collection is On Display and For Sale

Curated by an incredibly passionate collector since 1962, this historic collection of well over 1000 Tweety Bird related Items is now on display on YouTube and is being offered for sale. Manufacturing dates of items bearing the popular cartoon character’s likeness range from from the years 1956 to 2017. 

The rare and unique collection is well organized and has been meticulously kept in a climate controlled environment. The items in the collection have been remarkably preserved in A+ original condition, with only a few minor exceptions. Original packaging and authentication is present for every applicable item. 

“My Tweety Bird collection started at the movies watching Looney Tunes. In 1962 I was walking in a Warner Brothers store in the mall and saw all kinds of cute Tweetys and fell in love with them. My daughter was immediately attracted to the stuffed Tweetys, jewelry and toys. I then started buying all kinds of Tweetys. It was interesting to see the many approaches Warner Brothers used to display Tweety. I loved this little bird so much that friends and family started buying anything related to Tweety they could find and helped me find additional Tweetys. Many of my Tweetys were purchased while visiting other countries.” recounts the Los Angeles based collector, “If there is a larger collection than mine, I have not found it. My love for Tweety bird will always be a part of my life.”

About World’s Largest Tweety Bird Collection:

The World’s Largest Collection of Tweety Bird Items is currently for sale. The vast majority of the collection can now be viewed on YouTube at A detailed list of all items is available upon request. Individuals interested in purchasing the collection may contact tweetyb1962 at Gmail to ask questions, enter a confidential bid or get more information.

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