Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd Distributes Various Industry Automation And Electric-field Products At Factory Cost

Since 2005, Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd has focused on wholesaling and distributing a wide range of industry automation and pulsed electric-field products including PLCs, temperature controllers, proximity switches, contactors, photoelectric switches, and servo drives to name a few.

Industrial automation control systems, products, and components find widespread application in a range of industries for monitoring automation of material handling, quality control, and manufacturing methods. The automation control products can be classified as control devices, solid-state gadgets, electromechanical, and mechanical systems. The vast range of industry-oriented automation systems include transfer switches, timers, system elements, program level controllers, starters, solenoids, servo motors, contactors, relays, programmable controllers, rheostats, photoelectric relays, overload devices, motor controllers, autotransformers, and reactors. These automation systems serve as a replacement for manually controlled activities and benefits include faster production, doing away with laborious tasks, and completion of activities in environments that are hazardous for humans. Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd is a forefront distributor of various industry automation components like inverter module, IGBT, cooling fan, hand wheel, sensor, switch, relay, PLC, and MR-J2S-20B Mitsubishi Servo Drive.

The MR-J2S-20B Mitsubishi Servo Drive distributed by Sunda Tech is an extremely popular AC servo drive. This specific kind of servo drive can be hooked up with a servo system controller via a serial bus for making it operational or functional. The servo drive is actually a component unit of a servo module and used together with a servo motor. This servo drive monitors the motor as per the instructions it receives from a program level controller or any other kind of controller. At the same time, the servo drive carries out feedback monitoring after receiving inputs from an encoder. All servo systems are basically compromised of four chief components-the motor, drive, PCL, and feedback device which is also referred to as an encoder. The programmable motion controller and the servo drive work in tandem to make the motor operate and for that purpose transmits electrical energy to the motor for its functioning.

Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd Distributes Various Industry Automation And Electric-field Products At Factory Cost

The 1756-dnb AB Allen-Bradley PLC is another vital automation component that Sunda Tech deals in. This specific industrial automation device’s chief function is to establish communication with DeviceNet gadgets across the network for deciphering inputs from a contrivance. Thereafter the programmable level controller scripts the outputs to an appliance, downloads configuration information, and control’s the device operation. The information that is exchanged and shared comprises input/output data, operational status, series E, and configuration data. The PLC that Sunda Tech supplies is procured from Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation.

Of all the other automation items that the Shenzhen-based enterprise supplies the E5CN-Q2MTD-500 Omron Temperature Controller enjoys heavy demand. This temperature controller is perfect for keeping the high-precision testing equipment for automotive parts from getting overheated; offers solutions for issues in electronic component assembly, ideal for enhancing the monitored operation of industrial hot air blowers, and is also extensively used in upgrading or bettering performance of automotive parts.

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Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd was established in 2005 with the pious objectives of selling and distributing industrial automation components including PLCs, timers, photoelectric switches, contactors, relays, servo motors, and servo drives.   

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