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Half a century ago, American sexy star Marilyn Monroe once sang a song, whose name of the song, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, had become plentiful girls’ classical motto. Nevertheless, dress can be a girl’s best friend as well except diamond. Dress can reflect feminine charms perfectly in all kinds of dress, elegant or nifty, enchanting or pure and so on. Dress can be dressed on different occasions, life or work, especially on formal occasions such as wedding. As far as we are concerned, the bride’s wedding dress is of course a dress, in addition to this, bridesmaid dress is also an significant part of the wedding. Although bridesmaid dress is important, on the other hand, the main character of the wedding is the bride. Therefore, the choice of bridesmaid dress is supposed to be cautious, which shouldn’t be flamboyant.

There is no doubt that our dresses are perfectly in line with above-mentioned demand. First of all, our dresses are almost with no more than two tones, the pure color usually gives us a very descent but not flamboyant impression. When bridesmaids stands with the brides, the bridesmaids dresses won’t hog the spotlight but match greatly with the bride’s wedding dress, moreover, the bridesmaid can frames the bride properly, just like green leaves bring out the shine of red flowers.

What’s more, we all know that a wedding generally contains more than one bridesmaid, Let us imagine the whole bridesmaids wearing the same dresses, what a dull picture it should be? Let alone every bridesmaid has different shapes and dressing preferences. How to solve this problem? Let bridesmaids choose their favorite dresses with their own styles? Of course not, totally different bridesmaid dresses will make the wedding’s picture messy.

Don’t worry, the highlight of our dresses are convertible, which can solve this problem perfectly. In other words, compared with other brands of dresses, our convertible dress and infinity dress are distinctive. Maybe some people will have a question, what are the meanings of convertible dress or infinity dress? Just as the names imply, our dress is convertible twist wrap dress, which can be dressed in an infinite number of ways. Certainly an infinite number of ways is just a kind of hyperbole, but unquestionably there are at least 27 ways to 1 dress account of our convertible dress’ unique design. The unique design — two halters like ribbons on the upper half of dress, which are long and wide, makes it possible to be a dress with varieties of styles. You can make full use of the two halters, cross from halter, twist neck and twist front waist, knotted neck and mid back drape, double front bow halter and so on with twisting and wrapping the two halters. Then you can easily choose any style you like, if you are a conservative girl, you can unfold the halter to cover your upper body completely, if you are an open girl, you can show your back and part of bosom with twisting and wrapping the halters.

In a nutshell, the two halters are the best ornament of the dress. The same dress can be worn as sorts of dresses, that is to say if you own one of our convertible dress, you own different kinds of dresses simultaneously. What a wonderful thing it is!Next let us imagine the whole bridesmaids wearing our convertible dresses, what a harmonious picture it should be!The bridesmaid dresses are in the same color, when you just take a glimpse at the bridesmaid dresses, however, when you take careful look at them, you will find there subtle differences among them, same but not dull, different but not messy. This is the reason why our convertible dress and infinity dress can be the best choice of bridesmaid dress.

Our convertible dress and infinity dress have not only changeable styles in the upper of the bodies, but also different kinds of styles in the lower of the bodies. For example, our convertible dresses contain short convertible dress, maxi convertible dress, high low convertible dress, whose hemlines are just like pleated dress’. Classify our infinity dress by hemlines, it can be called modern styles which contain chiffon skirts, butterfly style, lace skirts, triangle style and two tone dresses. Girls of different heights are probably suitable for dresses of different lengths and hemlines. Without doubt, Different girls also prefer dresses of different lengths and hemlines. Hence, take all aspects into consideration, our infinity dress is desired to own.

If you are still a little doubt about our infinity dress, is it really that great? Please see the pictures in our infinity dress from clients. To be honest, our infinity dress is well praised by all clients. There are lovely photos of gorgeous bridesmaid in our lavender infinity dress, forest infinity dress in daily life and so on. At the same time, you may be surprised that our clients show also includes maternity photos as, which means that our infinity dress can be dressed by pregnant women as well because of its pleated design in the lower part of the dress. In our impressions, pregnant women seem to wear large clothes, which maybe kind of ugly. Nevertheless, our infinity dress can absolutely
satisfy the pregnant women’s pursuit of beauty.

Last but not least, considering some girls may be overweight, our every type of infinity dress has plus size. so girls who are overweight don’t be worried about size. Beyond that, a wedding usually includes the flower girl, we also have flower girl dress and other bridal accessories, set of bridesmaid dresses, which are necessary in a wedding.

It is said that dress is a girl’s best friend, then our infinity dress must be your unmissable choice. Choose our infinity dress, let it be your best friend, you won’t regret forever!

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