is looking to fill the gap left by IMDB’s closed message boards like IMDB 2.0

Madison, WI – December 12, 2017 –

When IMDB closed their message boards, people were mad!

Ever since then casual movie lovers and cinephiles have been looking for a good place to talk about movies. is picking up where IMDB left off by offering their closed features and adding even more like providing access to a lot of FREE movies.

With features like social messaging & chatting, movie recommendations, creating new or importing lists from IMDB along with LetterBoxd, claims to be the most full-featured movie community on the web. There is even a way of connecting movie lovers with similar tastes.

The platform also has some search features that many other sites do not have, like advanced search and search by mood.

You can even search by keywords: Here is a search for Free Christmas Movies and Free Christmas Horror Movies.

Sue Bailey from Los Angeles says that she loves “all of the free movies, the customized homepage and the ability to block certain actors like Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey from your search and movie preferences.”

Currently, the site is looking for backers to help implement movie badges on their platform through Kickstarter.

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