Gene Bostwick of Alto Valley LLC Announces Campaign on Kickstarter for Funding Manufacturing of Quality Wellness Products

Gene Bostwick starts Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for providing quality wellness products through Alto Valley LLC.

Gene Bostwick, the Santa FE-based natural products enthusiast has announced that their company Alto Valley is launching a Kickstarter campaign for funding the expansion of their products line. Alto Valley has decades of experience and exposure in this niche which they can use to focus on mountain-grown herbs and plants as the main source of its products.

“We are happy to announce that we are putting together a group of wellness products to provide our customers a wider range of choices,” says Gene Bostwick about their latest endeavor. “Young adults and the active athletic type individuals looking to stay fit and healthy will find our products just right for their needs. Our unique formulas contain ingredients that are uniquely sourced to create high quality products that deliver results.”

Alto Valley was established in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the 90s by a group of individuals who believed that good health and good nutrition are interconnected. The team at Alto Valley team consists of farmers, herbalists, specialists, adventurers, and travelers. The group focused initially on exploring the benefits of the mountain, high altitude grown plants and herbs. They later added herbs such as American ginseng found in the Appalachians, and Wild Jujube from the Sierras of the northwest. Alto Valley has been continuously learning and exploring the various high altitude destinations across the world.

Alto Valley LLC has done extensive research to discover the best mountain-grown ingredients for their products, focusing on local sources and U.S. sources. They are firm in their view that Alto Valley products are unique and special in many ways. The stated mission of the company is to provide the best source for herbal, mountain-grown wellness products for their customers.

Alto Valley has combined a group of their top wellness products to make the task of choosing easy for their customers. After extensive research, they have combined the best in stress relief ingredients into one daily capsule. This high level of convenience is also available in products for fatigue support, men’s and women’s health, digestive support and others.

Alto Valley is synonymous with unique herbal formulas that guarantee the best quality ingredients. Customers can enjoy a comfortable and secure shopping experience. They support small farms and buy locally.

Alto Valley is positive about their project and is ready to provide their quality products to their backers. Some delays in the production and shipping process might happen but they promise to be transparent about it.

The Kickstarter campaign of Alto Valley has a financial target of $100,000 with a deadline date of January 5, 2017.

About Alto Valley:

Alto Valley is a leading manufacturer of healthcare and wellness products that focus on mountain-grown herbs and plants as the main source of ingredients for their products. They have combined the best ingredients to create a one capsule daily product for stress relief, fatigue, men’s and women’s health and digestive products.

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