SB Components Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Fund the PiTalk Smartphone Powered by Raspberry Pi

SB Components Ltd announces launch of PiTalk smartphone, seeks support of Kickstarter community for funding the project.

SB Components Ltd, the UK-based manufacturer of protective cases for single board computers and micro controller board, has announced that they have started a campaign on Kickstarter for their PiTalk project. PiTalk is the first ever modular smartphone to be developed on the Raspberry Pi and is compatible with Raspberry Pl zero, Pi 2, and Pi 3 and powered by Python.

“We are pleased to announce that we will be launching the world’s first ever modular smartphone developed on the Raspberry Pi,” says the spokesperson for SB Components. “You can enjoy a truly enhanced experience with its blazing voice and data communication capabilities. It can do everything that a conventional phone can do and lots more.”

The hardware is designed with compatibility and modularity in mind. According to the company, the PiTalk can be used with any hardware and with any specifications. PiTalk also makes it possible for anyone to make the display of their smartphone smaller or bigger by plugging in a different display. Users can even plug in a different camera without having to even invest in a new shield. They can plug in any speaker they want in the phone and enjoy the kind of crisp sound they want to, which their built-in audio is incapable of delivering.

SB Components also states that customers not happy with the in-built Operating System of their smartphone and are handicapped by limited customization options can get all they want from the PiTalk model. They offer a user-friendly library in Python that can help them change practically every aspect of their phone by editing a few lines of the code.

Geeks obsessed with smartphone technology can develop their own apps with the PiTalk. They can easily insert their own apps developed on Python to customize their phone or edit their apps that are already installed in the software to match their needs.

PiTalk comes with a range of impressive specifications. The smartphone has a good download and upload speed and makes use of the popular and reliable Quelocator for location details. The USB driver in the phone is Linux, macOS, Android and Windows. It makes use of micro USB for connections.

With PiTalk smartphone, you can access the Internet of Things, connect to the server, take pictures and shoot videos, make your own apps and obviously make and receive calls. It is available in 3.2”. 4” and 5” LCD.

The Kickstarter campaign by SB Components is attempting to raise funds to meet their financial goal of $13,398. The deadline for meeting this goal is January 7 2017.

About PiTalk Smartphone:

PiTalk Smartphone is the world’s first IOT enabled & Modular Smartphone for Raspberry Pi. It is also the first ever DIY modular smartphone and has highly customizable features. PiTalk has been developed by SB Components Ltd, a UK-based company known for their expertise in making high quality protective cases for single board computers and micro controller board.

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