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Tansoc Co.,Ltd is a supplier of RFID solutions to many clients around the world. The company is based in China and located in Putian city. It has been serving its customers with good quality products ever since its establishment in the year 2007. The company also has many years of experience in the field of exporting RFID products.

Progress and development have taken the world forward, but some people are capable of taking undue advantage of these fruits of labor and use them for their own selfish interests at the cost of the safety of others. For example, computer systems are widely used to store exclusive, personal and classified data of people as well as institutions. However, cyber crimes like hacking are also prevalent and compromise the well being of many. Under such circumstances there emerges an incessant need for a reliable system of protection and identification that reduces issues related to security. RFID technology or radio frequency identification technology uses electrostatic or electromagnetic coupling in the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which enables it to identify the animal, object or person, uniquely.

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Tansoc Co.,Ltd is a company that offers its services as an RFID solutions supplier to many customers, overseas. The company was established in the year 2007. It is a China-based company that provides equipment such as RFID cards, RFID tags, RFID stickers, wristbands, dry or wet inlay, screw tags, RFID semi-products, coin tags, laundry tags, bullet tags, metal tags, etc. The company also supplies RFID ceramic tags and anti-metal tags. The anti-metal tag is made of ABS material, the card ID numbering is through laser engraving or inkjet printing, and it can operate at a temperature ranging from 25 to 70 degree Celsius. The product applies to metal surfaces, outdoor and extreme environment.

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The company is also a well known China RFID cards supplier. The products are available in a large variety to cater to the unique demands of their different clients. The company supplies IOS and clamshell cards. The IOS card is used in schools, banks, hospital, supermarkets, hotels, home appliances, games, cinema, etc. PVC, NPETG, PETF composite materials are used to make these cards. The printing can be in the form of thermal printing, laser engraving or inkjet printing. The company has a dedicated team of employees working for research and development. They try to implement the latest advancements in their products to supply their customers with good quality equipment at reasonable prices. The company also has a well-designed website that allows potential customers to view the products thoroughly before making a purchase.

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About Tansoc Co.,Ltd:

Tansoc Co.,Ltd is a China-based company that provides RFID products and professional solutions to a large number of clients. The company was established in 2007 and has gained a reputation for being reliable and efficient in its services. To know more, please visit their official website.          

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