“Roast” Season 2 on Tencent Video got off to a flying start by hitting one hundred million views within 2 days!

By December 10th, 8 p.m., season 2 of “Roast” is available on Tencent Video. The main guest of first episode was Annie Inou, who is a hot issue herself and had a lot to be roasted. Shaogang Zhang, Dan Li, Chizi, who the audience are very familiar with, together with Zongxian Wu, Guoqing Cai, Jun Dai, all showed their brilliant skills in roasting with great punchlines throughout the show. Season 2 has been highly expected due to the blasting effect of season 1. “Roast” became No. 1 hot issue on variety show chart on Weibo and hit 60 million views by the night it was released. In less than 2 days, the views hit one million, making a spectacular beginning for the show.

Just like last season, in the form of “roasting” and with the core of “seeking realness”, “Roast” localized and innovated the traditional American stand-up comedy to spread a positive value to the audience by the joking between hosts and guests. The highlights of the show include the conflictions of words, humorous mocking, brilliant responses and the grace and manner guests show when they get roasted. In episode 1, Annie Inou sat on the famous “red chair” and got roasted by all the guests. Shaogang Zhang joked that “others joined SNH48 because of the number of them, you joined because of your age”, Ke Hu roasted that “I told you that you should not find a husband who is 10 years younger than you, you should find one who is 3 years younger (like I did)”, Dan Li roasted that “you might have fooled Hao Qin (Annie’s husband), but you can’t fool us”. Annie Inou responded that “I am happier than you can ever imagine” to fight back.

Except for responses to the roast, self-mockery is also necessary. Zongjian Wu, who used to be the top TV show host joked on himself: “Nowadays when people meet me, they make promise that they will invite me to their wedding first”. He even joked about the old past story between him and jay Chow, giving the audience a good laugh and making the show more intense.

From “Roast” to “ROCK&ROAST”, Tencent Video and Fun Factory have been dedicated to combine down-to-earth topics with insightful values in an innovative form and creative content. Yue Qiu, vice manager of Penguin Picture Studio, noted that bringing Stand-up Comedy to China and fitting it into life of Chinese audience has significant meaning to Tencent Video as well as the development of youth culture. The heat of topic and the millions of views have shown the approval of audience to the show. Let’s expect another hit peak of “Roast” Season 2 on Tencent Video next Sunday at 8 p.m.

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