Gabriel Wallace Releases a Bestselling Leadership Book

December 13th, 2017: A bestselling author in leadership coaching and consulting has released a book. In The Leadership Legacy: How to Effectively Lead Today with Tomorrow in Mind, Gabriel Wallace book, targets at inspiring business and community leaders to build strong leadership and grow their businesses and organizations.

In the book, Gabriel Wallace argues that leading is not about today but tomorrow and how one would want to be remembered. He recognizes that people have special gifts, important to bring order to the world. The gifts, tied to the purpose are tapped within an individual waiting to be discovered. Wallace reveals that many people holding leadership positions have not discovered their true arena to lead.

The book is currently available at Amazon, where it can be accessed through

Gabriel Wallace is a certified leadership coach and consultant. He is the founder and president of 4G leadership coaching and consulting. For the last 13 years he has been helping individuals and corporate improve their leadership. He confesses that in the course of his career, he has seen a share of good and bad leadership. He strongly believes that a company grows when their leadership grows and leadership grows most through real life experiences and relevant learning. Interacting with the new generation of leaders, Gabriel Wallace saw the need for a solution which incorporates inspiration with execution. In the course of doing this he has come up with a strategy that includes four components; grooming, guidance, growth, and generation of leaders.

Wallace says that in the quest to improve leadership in business, his company provides customized professional coaching. The company purpose is to elevate professional training and coaching of leaders and professionals to create systems which promote sustained and continuous growth. The company collaborates with leadership to implement goals which focus on critical thinking and yields metacognitive learning.

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