Overall99 Entertainment provides opportunities to emerging talents on social media platforms, launches on Gofundme.com

Overall99 Entertainment is the latest startup that is committed to providing opportunities to the emerging artists and talents on social media platforms and also offers unlimited entertainment to the netizens. The online media and marketing company creates content on social media platforms and attracts a large fan base to promote their products as well as the newbie talents. It has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Gofundme.com and invites backers to support their startup so that they can make their dream come true and simultaneously make others’ dream come true as well.

So far, the company has used free online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to garner a combined follower base of 50,000 and growing rapidly. They are using these social media platforms and other marketing services to grow their products and offering opportunities for upcoming artists. The social media pages of the company provide regular entertainment to the users by bringing music from multiple artists, podcasts that reviews music, politics, movies and more, Vlogs that look into behind the scenes of their operation and local talented artists so that both the platform and the artists gain a possible fanbase.  The company also presents online mini-series filmed by their team, train through webinars and seminars on growing business online.

Trevor McCullum, the co-founder of Overall99 Entertainment has written two books that will be edited and promoted through the platform. One of the books already has a 5-star review from one of the Amazon top reviewers. In short, the aim of the company is to build a business that is of the people by the people and for the people. It will be supporting the local talents through multiple platforms and provide them publicity through their different social media channels.

With an aim to make the top of the entertainment community be a part of their journey, the company is continuously striving to approach talented artists to be a part of their journey and create great content for the audiences. Their mission is to become the new face of entertainment on social media platforms as well as on their official website.

More information about the company can be found at Gofundme.com.

Media Contact
Company Name: Overall99 Entertainment
Contact Person: Trevor McCullum
Email: Overall99ent@gmail.com
Phone: 601-323-0555
Country: United States
Website: overall99ent.wordpress.com