National Gridiron League to Host its First Match in Spring 2019

Some of the best football talent in the US will soon be seen in action outside the famed NFL. As an alternative to the major league, the National Gridiron League (NGL) will begin to host its first tournament plays in the spring of 2019. NGL aims to offer premium quality matches that display the same high standards of NFL, as well as scale and reputation.

Formed in 2017, NGL is a spring football league that will quench the ever increasing thirst for quality football in the US. The league will comprise 12 teams from North America and will put into action some of the best footballers in the world. The teams will be broken into two conferences, the Northern and Southern conference, each featuring six teams.

“The National Gridiron League will showcase a fast-paced and quality brand of football that will outpace anything seen before. We will continue to grow on and off the field in quality, scale, profile, and reputation,” said Joe McClendon of NGL.

Though NFL is currently the mainstream avenue for top players, its star performers have also played outside the league, including names such as Hershel Walker, Steve Young, Jim Kelly, Daunte Culpepper, Simeon Rice, Reggie White, etc. The NGL aims to become an alternative league based in the Southeast, drawing top talent from major division one conferences.

The mission charter of NGL states its aim as dedicated to delivering a world class, exceptional experience to our fans, community, partners and staff. The launch in 2019 will bring to the US a league that is focused on exceptional quality and an unmatched experience for professionals, partners and fans alike.

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