The Last month to enjoy National Subsidies for E-bike consumers in France!

According to French Policy launched On Feb.18, Consumers could receive national subsidy €200 for buying electric Assisted Bike within Jan. 31, 2018 

Electric bicycle, also known as “e-bike”, is more and more favored by French people due to its labor-saving and fast speed, though the price has doubled that of ordinary bicycles.According to a survey of 6T professional firms, there were total of 100,000 electric bicycles in 2016, while an electric bike offered an average price of 1,060 euros 

E-bike ≠ Mopeds

France has a strict definition of electric bicycle (VAE): an electric bicycle ‘s electric assist function must rely on human pedalling to activate; when the speed come to 25 km / h or stop pedalling, the output power must be gradually reduced to power off; maximum motor Rated power can not exceed 250 watts. If the bike don’t meet above requirements, it belongs to the mopeds (cyclomoteur). Some manufacturers name the “e-bike” more than 25 km / h “high speed bike,” some even up to 45 km / h and motors up to 500 watts. Manufacturers often give consumers the name of such bicycles mistaken for “electric bike”, it is not. Once the maximum speed of the car exceeds 25 km / h, it belongs to the category of mopeds that require a special permit (homologation spéciale cyclomoteur )and comply with moped traffic regulations. Without a permit, you can not drive on public roads. 

E-bike Need a Permit (Homologation de VAE)

Consumers must verify that they have a permit before purchasing an e-bike. In France, only electric bicycles that meet certain safety standards can be licensed. If not, this electric bike can only be used on private roads, such as its own garden.

The seller must inform the consumer if the e-bike sold is licensed. The labeling “Conforme aux exigences de sécurité” must be marked on the product box and on the bike carrier. Consumers can ask the seller for a certificat de conformité, and they are required to produce a certificate of compliance if they are in police custody or insurance.

At the moment, French e-bikes need to be licensed to meet the following criteria: (Decree 95-937 relatif à la prévention des risques résultant de l’usage 

des bicyclettes) on the precautions for the use of bikes. This decree states that all bikes sold must be assembled and accompanied by instructions for use, lighting and signal lights, and sirens. Electric bikes need to be tested by LNE, CRITT or UTAC to confirm compliance. In addition, electric bicycles also need to comply with European standards committee announced in 2009 electric bicycle specifications EPAC / EN15194, which provides for electric bicycle test methods and safety regulations. 

How to apply for subsidies?

how to apply? Consumers simply log on to the National Payments and Services Authority’s website at and fill out the form online, print and submit it to the National Payments and Services Bureau . Consumers also need attach the last three months of French housing certification, a copy of ID card and e- bike purchase invoice copy with the table

As many cities now have similar subsidies for electric bicycles, the decree states: “This subsidy can not be superimposed with other subsidies (ie, double subsidies) issued by the local administrative authorities for the same purpose.” In addition, a person Instead of paying a subsidy for the number of e-bikes purchased, the Paris city government, for example, can give a 33% subsidy to the price of a motorbike, up to a maximum of 400 euros, and subsidies also apply to electric mobility vehicles,Tricycle 

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