Sucre Moneda Announces Launch of New Cryptocurrency Intended for Latin America

Mexico City, Mexico – Sucre Moneda is pleased to announce the launch of a newly developed cryptocurrency called Sucre. The name Sucre is derived from the currency used in Ecuador from 1884 to 2000, which was named Sucre after Antonio José de Sucre, a Venezuelan independence leader who became the fourth President of Peru and the second President of Bolivia. Bolivia’s capital city, Sucre, is also named after him, along with a state in Venezuela and a department of Colombia.

The new cryptocoin is easy to access, transparent and highly trustworthy. Using the respected X11 hashing algorithm, Sucre is extremely secure and allows transactions to be made instantaneously. It provides an attractive alternative for those who missed the Bitcoin boom.

The Sucre wallet software is currently available for Windows 32 and 64 bits users, with a Mac version being developed and due to be released soon. The coin was added to the and exchanges this December and will soon appear on many more trading platforms. In technical terms, Sucre is more advanced than Bitcoin and differs from the Sha256 Algorithm by being much less resource intensive. It also has a transaction capacity of up to 8 times greater on the blockchain, stake holder governance, incentivized full nodes (Masternodes), instant transactions and protocol level privacy support. A more detailed technical specification and source code can be found here:

Sucre has an active community which is continually working toward making the coin universally accessible. The Sucre forum offers advice and support on topics such as trading, technical issues and troubleshooting, and also provides the latest news updates. The forum can be found at Questions and comments from both newcomers and experienced cryptocurrency users are encouraged.

Sucre is a global currency, and can be used anywhere in the world, at any time. It’s not owned or controlled by any group or individual, and anybody can participate. The Sucre developers have many years of experience and expertise between them and are currently working on the creation of more apps to further improve the network.

To track developments and Sucre news, Sucre Moneda’s Facebook and Twitter pages are recommended. And graphics for use online or in the press are available here:

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