Apple Indian – The story of a young Redman in America today

“Apple Indian” by Karl Th. Paschke
Karl Th. Paschke highlights ethnic problems in his sociological and political novel “Apple Indian”.

Even though the world is so advanced, many people and places have not yet outgrown racial discrimination. Keanu Whiteriver, who grew up as an Assiniboin Indian on a reservation in Montana, has to deal with such biases on a daily basis. He and his mother experience discrimination, but try to overcome it. Keanu is smart, active, a good student and a talented jazz musician. However, he is often denied chances to advance because of his ethnic background. After High School, he is fortunate to receive a scholarship at Tulane University in New Orleans. He becomes a lawyer and uses his knowledge to turn into a successful legal adviser to the American Indian Movement.

The story of Keanu, as told in “Apple Indian” by Karl Th. Paschke, is fiction but could very well have happened that way to someone somewhere in the USA. The protagonist stands for a multitude of people who grew up in families from ethnic minorities. The novel offers insights into the lives of native Americans and the discrimination they still face today. It is a moving story of success against all odds and offers readers hours of thoughtful entertainment.

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