New Shahadah Classes About to Start

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New online classes for New Muslims on understanding the core pillars of Islam are about to begin at the New Muslim Academy.

Hiawatha, Iowa – December 14, 2017 – A surprising amount of people don’t understand the core concepts of Islam. However, with a little bit of research, the New Muslim Academy aims to do just that.

Adopting a new faith is the first step in a long journey of self-discovery and understanding your potential. Most importantly, taking a new faith means learning the fundamental pillars and tenets of the religion so that you can understand and implement them. To help new converts understand Islam better and the concept of Shahadah, the New Muslim Academy is starting new Shahadah classes very soon.

What’s covered in the Class?

This class is for people who want to discover about the Muslim faith and learn many practices that they should follow to become a better Muslim. Taught by professionals with years of global teaching experience under their belts, these courses are ideal for people who have only just converted to the Muslim faith and want a greater understanding of the basic tenets of Islam.

A One-Stop Solution

The core of Islam is based on pure teachings and fostering a sense of brotherhood. It does not require you to go out of your way to understand the faith, nor does it ask a lot out of you.

Learning about Islam for beginners is a little bit challenging, primarily because there are just so many different platforms.  These platforms all propagate different kinds of teachings, interpreting things their unique way.

However, the New Muslim Academy works with teachers who have a highly regarded Islamic background.

By signing up for the Shahadah classes online, you get access not just to the video classes and lessons given by influential Islamic scholars, but also a live Q & A session afterward. Furthermore, you get access to webinars, a dedicated member’s portal, a community hub and some other social elements such as badges and credits for being active on the platform. While these features make learning a lot of fun, they also make learning quite easy.

About New Muslim Academy

New Muslim Academy is the one-stop resource center for new Muslim classes online! The NMA instructors are highly qualified and have been teaching Islam around the globe for many years.

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