The #1 Amazon Chart Best Seller “An Evie Story Series” By Mike Anthony is available on Amazon

Released sequentially, a phenomenal book series, “An Evie Story Series” collected in three books is available for purchase

Los Angeles, CA – December 14, 2017 – Mike Anthony, a thriller author and an accomplished musician, bring to light his #1 Amazon Chart Bestseller book series, “An Evie Story Series”. The series is comprised of three different books with a focus on a single stage, play and surroundings.

Book 1 highlights ‘The Adventure of Evie Williamson’, Book 2 is about ‘Baptism of fire’, and Book 3 emphasized ‘Why do these things always come in threes’. All these combined tells the story and asked the Golden Question: Would You Destroy Your Life To Follow Your Passion?

According to a reader, JC, who described the books as PHENOMENAL and shares his experience and encounter of The Adventure of Evie Williamson book, in his words, “This book is like eating a box of Pringles. It was so good I couldn’t stop until I finished everything in one sitting”.

The books are full of mystery and suspense, it shells out the real definition of passion and tells how unspeakable driven desire can be achieved. It is the story of a growing young lady, Evelyn with the moniker “Evie” whose father, Jonathan Williamson just broke the educational studies limits, Her father was the first to graduate beyond the high school in his family.

This feat, he hoped to replicate in his daughter, Evie. But different strokes for different folks, as she went out in search of her identity and pursuit of her dreams of becoming a Personal Investigator (P.I). Away from Maryland, their hometown, she meets with her mentor and trainer in the investigative field, Dan Thompson. Life continues in her pursuit of the P.I ambitions.

The series introduces Evie Williamson as the central character, with her estranged boyfriend, Michael as they went apart to pursue their individuals’ dreams. Michael wanted to pursue a music career which is entirely negated by his parents. The series unveils how different areas of her life- marital, career and upbringings all caught up with her.

Take a peek at this book series; it’s a book that keeps your eyeballs fixed until the end reading. It’s available on Amazon store.

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Mike Anthony is a talented musician and pianist with a passion for novels and suspense intrigued stories. His passion and dedication birth the release of his debut book which is widely available to on his website and Amazon store.

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