Meet the Team of Heavy Hitters Shaking Up Dayton Ohio

Kevin and Matthew are devoted to providing personal injury law solutions that work.

Led by a team of personal injury lawyers, Kevin and Mathew, The Attkisson Law Firm is set on a mission to protect the rights of personal injury victims and fight for their rights, fiercely.

Known as The Heavy Hitters, this team of experienced attorneys vow to leave no stone unturned when it comes to bringing justice to personal injury victims across Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas.

From car accidents and dog bites, to premises liability and wrongful death, these heavy hitters are not playing around. They are results-focused, their approach is client centric and their drive is fierce whether they are at the courtroom or negotiation table.

Meet the Heavy Hitters

Kevin Attkisson has been representing personal injury victims against insurance companies. With a track record of countless jury trials and thousands of personal injury cases, Kevin is more than ready to take any case, from the simplest to the most complex.

Matthew Jewson has vast experience in the areas of criminal and civil trial practice. He has successfully prosecuted and defended hundreds of cases through litigation and jury trial verdict fighting for his clients’ rights.

Together, Mathew and Kevin are known as “The Heavy Hitters”. They joined forces to help personal injury victims get the justice they deserve.

Practice Areas

The Attkisson Law Firm specializes in personal injury representation, including:

  • Car Accidents – Extremely common accidents that can lead to serious injuries and life changing consequences. The Attkisson Law Firm helps accident victims fight for their rights after a car accident.
  • Dog Bites – It is a nuanced area that requires an experienced personal injury lawyer to ensure that clients get the best results. The heavy hitters at The Attkisson Law Firm will dive into each case, determine if the parties are liable and design a winning strategy.
  • Wrongful Death – By combining compassionate support and fierce dedication, the Heavy Hitters will spare no efforts when it comes to ensure that the victim’s family can recover compensation for their emotional and financial losses.
  • Premises Liability – Building owners are responsible for assuring the safety of the guests. If they fail to do so, they may be liable for accidents that may result in serious consequences. The Heavy Hitters at The Attkisson Law Firm works with personal injury victims to assess their situation and guide them through the process.

About The Attkisson Law Firm

The Attkisson Law Firm serves Dayton, Ohio. It specializes in personal injury representation and combines the know-how, experience and track record to offer effective legal representation to clients who seek justice.

Led by attorneys Kevin Attkisson and Mathew Jewson, The Attkison Law Firm has built a solid reputation based on excellence and a client centric approach. This team of lawyers is known as The Heavy Hitters due to their unshakable dedication to each case, portfolio of skills and years of experience that allow them to excel.

Media Contact
Company Name: Attkisson Law Firm
Contact Person: Kevin Attkisson
Phone: 937-276-9700
Address:5611 N. Dixie Drive and 2517 S. Smithville Road
City: Dayton
State: OH
Country: United States