Grab Mining offering 5% more hashrates on its mining services.

Innovative Ethereum mining platform, Grab Mining, allows the public to be a part of the cryptocurrency world and mine Ethereum with its mining services.

Grab Mining is an innovative Ethereum mining platform that allows members to easily mine one of the biggest digital currencies in the world of cryptocurrency, Ethereum. The system is designed to offer a smarter way to mine, taking away the stress and other such difficulties involved in mining digital currency as an individual.

It gets even better with Grab Mining, as the platform has announced a new social mining structure.  For every friend introduced, both referrer and referred will be entitled to 5% additional hashrates. When his friends signs up, everyone get 5% again. This allows members get more hashrates and less investment with collaborative effort. This is what we call social mining!

On top of that, interested parties can make use of the promo code at the end of this press release and get additional 5% to kick-start their crypto mining project.

The emergence of digital currency has caused a significant revolution in the financial industry. The decentralized nature of the blockchain technology has further increased the acceptance and popularity of the technology. With different digital currencies appreciating in value dramatically, it has become even more important to get as many as possible digital currencies in one’s portfolio.

One of the oldest and biggest digital currencies is Ethereum, controlling over 20 percent of the market. However, benefiting from the cryptocurrency space requires getting as many cryptocurrencies as possible. One effective way of doing this is to mine digital currencies. Mining Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency is stressful, expensive and time-consuming. It is also only for the well-rounded persons. Consequently, many people have found it difficult to mine cryptocurrencies until the advent of platforms like Grab Mining.

Grab Mining is a unique platform that allows users to mine Ethereum in a fun and intuitive way. With Grab Mining, getting more Ethereum tokens requires making a few clicks and inviting friends. Described by many as the easiest way to mine Ethereum, Grab Mining helps users to ease through the complexity of mining, while ensuring that their Ethereum are safe in their private wallet.

The platform also allows for social mining by setting up a team and earning more hashrates. Other highlights of the platform include being scalable, allowing users to upsize anytime and mobile-responsiveness that allows users to monitor their progress anywhere on their mobile phone.

Grab Mining also allows users to choose between holding Ethereum and cashing it out using an exclusive Mastercard provided by Grab Mining. The Mastercard can be loaded with Ethereum and subsequently spent anywhere through any Mastercard Merchant or withdraw cash from ATMs.

Grab Mining is allowing interested cryptocurrency miners to mine Ethereum faster, with 5% additional hashrates when they register on the website using the code “PR5Promo”. This means more Ethereum all everyone.

About Grab Mining

Grab Mining is a unique Ethereum mining platform created to make mining the 2nd ranked cryptocurrency in the world easier and more fun. The platform allows members to mine Ethereum in an unprecedented way, taking away the huge investment and technicalities involved in mining the cryptocurrency individually. Grab Mining offers bite-sized investment portions designed to help anyone and everyone get started in the world of cryptocurrency.

The new smart way to mine Ethereum. Social mining is the new way to go!


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