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Canada’s Most Luxurious Addiction Rehab

Addiction Rehab is located just three hours from Toronto, Ontario, in the Thousand Islands Region.  The rehab facility offers a staff of professional addiction therapists with addiction treatment programs that are geared towards patients taking the first steps in making a successful recovery off the drug or alcohol addiction that has been weighing them down.

Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab treats the entire person through holistic substance abuse treatment and recovery steps.  The programs offered at Thousand Islands are designed to give the patient the tools necessary to be free of the addictive behaviors and learn coping mechanisms of handling life after rehabilitation as well as repairing any broken relationships that have suffered because of the addiction.

Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab offers clients the opportunity to enjoy life once more without any addictive substances.  Thousand Islands has several various activities that are available in which to allow the patient the chance to clear their minds, relax, and step back from any stressful events leading up to their rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation facilities at Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab are Canada’s most luxurious rehabs available.  There are full size suites that a patient can share with another patient, or if preferable can request their own room.  The facility is located right beside the lake and has sail boating, docking, golfing and diving as some of the available activities.

The facility at Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab takes pride in offering all its patients the broadest collection of treatment and recovery programs along with recreational activities to clear the mind.  The accredited, comprehensive treatment services available include:

  • Group Counseling: in which patients are able to interact with others and work together towards their common goal.
  • Individual counseling: There are one-on-one counseling sessions also available for those patients that don’t was to get in on the group sessions.  This is usually available at the beginning of the program and also available as an assessment throughout treatment to evaluate the changing needs of each patient.
  • Family counseling:  An individual suffering from substance abuse is not the only one this addiction has affected.  It is necessary to get the entire family involved for some counseling as to how the family is going to recover and assist the patient in remaining sober.
  • Yoga and meditation:  These are activities that bring the holistic approach into the treatment program.  Yoga and meditation allows the patients to calm their mind and spirit.
  • Physical and Recreational activities:  Addiction Rehab offers physical and recreational activities to give the patient a boost towards their inner and outer healthfulness.

About Thousand Island Addiction Recovery:

Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab provides intervention services which aids to guide the individual to return to a life that was productive before their addiction took over.  Thousand Island’s caring staff understands that this process can take weeks or months, but through personalized intervention, as well as the personalized routines that are created by a caring staff, you or your loved one will be successful in getting through the difficult stage of withdrawal and start to live a life of sobriety.

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