Wallets matter makes wallets 10 times smaller and compact, launches on Indiegogo

Wallets Matter is the newly launched innovative collection of wallets that overcomes the shortcomings offered by the traditional bulky wallets by presenting a unique wallet that is 10 times smaller and compact in size. One of the most compact wallets is now launched on Indiegogo with a goal to raise $10,000. Despite being compact in size, the wallet has enough space to hold more than 15 cards and a few bills. More about the revolutionary design can be seen on Indiegogo.

With most of the transactions made online and cashless, the need to carry huge amounts of cash in wallet has decreased but little has been done to reduce the size of the regular wallets that cause a bulge in the back pocket and even back pain in some cases. Wallets Matter has finally done something about it and presents a wallet that is designed for people who enjoy the minimalistic way of life. After working with several prototypes, they finalized the one that is 10X smaller in size and looks better in back or front pocket.

Wallets Matter supports a lifestyle that requires an individual to only carry the essentials in their wallet. They encourage people to use technology and digitalization to save the hassle of paying through cash so that they can make their wallets less bulky. Wallets matter is super thin, easy to carry and designed to accommodate all the essential items one needs to carry in their wallet.

Wallets Matter has used the problem-solving approach to simplify the traditional design of the wallets. Most of the wallets are bulky and cause discomfort when carried in the front or back pocket. In some cases, they can also be the reason for back pain. Realizing these issues, they built a compact wallet that looks classy, simple and elegant. It is only 0.16” without cards and bills, 0.8” with 10 cards and 10 bills, and 0.8” with 20 cards.

Wallets Matter is available for pre-order through Indiegogo at a special early bird price. It is available in multiple colors such as grey, black, navy blue, dark brown and more. The success of the campaign will mean that the team is able to fulfill the orders to the backers and ship out the product by February 2018. The wallet is constructed by top local manufacturers with years of experience and expertise in their field.

More information about the product can be seen on Indiegogo.com.

Media Contact
Company Name: Atthaphong Limsupanark
Contact Person: Grace Williams (PR Manager)
Email: gracewilliamss91@gmail.com
Country: Thailand
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/walletsmatter-make-your-wallet-10x-smaller-fashion#/