Export Feed and Feed Additives into China


Feed and feed additive export into China involves two Chinese government authorities, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA, www.moa.gov.cn) and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ, www.aqsia.gov.cn) of China.

MOA is the competent registration authority of feed and feed additive products. For the purpose of strengthening the supervision of feed and feed additive imports and ensuring the quality and safety of animal products, MOA has published Decree No. 2 “Regulation on Feed and Feed Additive Import Regulation” in January 2014, which is enforced since 1. July 2014:

• The term Feed in this regulation designates a product made with industrialized processed ingredients for animals, including single feed, premixed feed, concentrate, compound and supplementary feed.

• The term Feed additive in this regulation designates a substance added to feed during the processing, formulation and use in a small or minimum volume, including nutritional feed additives and common feed additives.

Overseas enterprises shall file an application for import registration with the Ministry of Agriculture and obtain an import registration license for feed and feed additives before exporting to China for the first time. Overseas enterprises shall file an application to register feed and feed additives imports through a China-based agent. Without an import registration license, the imported feed and feed additives shall not be sold and used in China. The feed and feed additive import registration license remains valid for 5 years. A renewal application should be filed six months before the registration license expires. The detailed application and renewing procedure of import license is stipulated in the MOA 2014 Decree No. 2.

Furthermore, MOA has published the announcement No. 2153 in September 2014 aiming to strengthen the supervision of the local agent. The local agent is required to complete the online registration on the MOA website: http://xzsp.moa.gov.cn

Starting from 1. October 2014, MOA only accepts applications for product registration from registered local agents.

In addition, MOA has published the MOA Feed Catalog and Feed Additive Catalog; the products listed therein are allowed to be exported to China:

• MOA Feed Catalog came into force on 1. January 2013

• MOA Feed amendment list came into force on 19. December 2013

• MOA Feed Additive Catalog came into force on 1. February 2014

AQSIQ is the competent authority for the quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of imported feed and feed additives. According to the AQSIQ 2009 Decree No. 118 “Administrative Measures of Inspection, Quarantine and Supervision on Import and Export Feed and Feed Additives”,UK feed and feed additive companies need to be registered with AQSIQ. The official application has to be sent to AQSIQ through local feed production authority; thereafter, a risk analysis for each factory will usually be performed and supervised by CNCA’s inspectors. (CNCA: Certification and Accreditation Administration of P.R. China, www.cnca.gov.cn)

The basic steps to get registered at AQSIQ are the following:

1) Make an application to AQSIQ for the product of interest
2) AQSIQ will issue a questionnaire
3) Undergo risk analysis, including a field visit, and sign a protocol
4) Registration of exporters by AQSIQ
5) The products and foreign manufacturers will be included in AQSIQ permit list.

The latest permit list published by AQSIQ was updated on 26. Oct. 2016. (http://dzwjyjgs.aqsiq.gov.cn/zwgk/slaq/jjsljtjj/zrmd/201508/t20150810_446791.htm)

The products and foreign manufacturers listed on the AQSIQ permit list are authorized for export to China.

Besides the registration at AQSIQ, the local AQSIQ organization which is called CIQ (Entry-Exit Inspection and Guarantee Bureau) implements filing procedure of the local importing companies. Prior to or upon the application for inspection of each import, the local importing companies shall present duplicates of their business license to CIQ.

Regulations announced by MOA

MOA 2014 Decree No. 2: “Regulation on Feed and Feed Additive Import Regulation” http://www.moa.gov.cn/zwllm/tzgg/bl/201401/t20140120_3743426.htm

AQSIQ Announcement No. 372: “Implementation Feed Quarantine Regulation 118”

http://dzwjyjgs.aqsiq.gov.cn/rdgz/200908/t20090828_125350.html (in Chinese)

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