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Dallas, Texas Expert Drywall USA is a professional drywall company offering affordable and reliable installation, repair, and interior painting services. They pride themselves on over 10 years of experience, backed by reliable and well-trained contractors and carpenters to deliver quality services to both homeowners and commercial clients. The company aims to deliver total quality satisfaction and are ready to serve 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Dealing with water damage can be devastating. They may catch homeowners or commercial customers unaware, stemming from a variety of issues (i.e. leaky pipes, sewage issues, floods or rains). Rooms that aren’t often accessed like the basement may also experience water damage without anyone’s knowledge. Whatever the source of the water, the damage is not only devastating but can as well be costly if personal belongings or structural material gets wet. Drywall in particular needs total replacement when it is exposed to moisture because it is porous.

For homeowners or office maintenance personnel, it would be best to immediately phone in and seek help from companies like Expert Drywall USA. Until they do arrive, there are simple preventive measures one can do. That includes locating the leak, transferring important belongings to a drier place, and cutting off electricity in the area affected. Isolating the water-damaged area should help Expert Drywall USA do the necessary evaluation once they arrive, not to mention separating personal belongings that could end up as collateral damage.

Pinpointing the problem could take some time, depending on the gravity of the damage caused. The right assessment could take time with estimated costs variable. Expert Drywall USA has been known to price their services reasonably and at the sanest prices in the Dallas, Texas region. There may be some folks who would opt to leave out some work needed like re-painting. In an effort to bring down cost, it could be a viable alternative though customers may want to reconsider and weigh their options to get the optimal restoration for affected portions of their home or office space.

Expert Drywall USA is an experienced company ready to serve. They are located at 11740 Coral Hills Place, Dallas, TX 75229-2508 where appointments and queries can be made via phone at (214) 761-8363 or via email at They can also be found online at A blog portion is also available to guide and help out people who want to know more about dealing with drywall, plaster, sheetrock and interior painting repairs and services.

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