The Beginning of a Great City – Oujiang International New Town: A City-Industry Integrated New Sample in Line with “National Strategy”

In recent years, China has continuously introduced plans and policies to promote the construction of “the Belt and Road” (B&R) and advance the development of countries and regions along the B&R. Under such circumstances, following the national strategic development opportunities, some excellent operators carry out clearer regional layout of industrial new town project, and aim at Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and Yangtze River Economic Zone. And some powerful enterprises are seeking to conduct international strategic layout in countries and regions along the B&R.

In 2011, with the top planning and specific deployment of Chinese central government, four major strategic plans were subsequently approved and launched, including “Zhejiang Marine Economy Development Demonstration Zone, Yiwu International Trade Comprehensive Reform Experimentation, Zhoushan Islands New District, Wenzhou Financial Comprehensive Reform Experimental Zone”, so as to care, support and promote great and new development of Zhengjiang. Under such background, the construction of Oujiangkou New District, the core area of Oujiangkou Industrial Agglomeration Zone, is more dynamic in the industrial layout and closely integrating with national strategic trends, which will release a strong international urban charm in the future!

An industry veteran said, “The operation of these industrial towns is characterized by promoting the development of multiple property businesses following the lead of the industry in line with national strategy”. With the development and construction, the mode “offering a stretch of land this year, returning an industrial new town after a decade” is more accurate, potential and realizable in Oujiangkou New District, the core pilot area of Oujiangkou Industrial Agglomeration Zone.

(Design Sketch of Oujiangkou New District)

The Notice of Issuing the 13th Five-Year Plan for Wenzhou Oujiangkou Industrial Agglomeration Zone issued by Wenzhou People’s Government Office indicates that the guidelines and planning goals are determined for the development and construction of Oujiangkou Industrial Agglomeration Zone during the 13th five-year plan period. In such a period, around the strategic target of “Three Cities” in Wenzhou, the opportunity developing from “Oujiang Era” to “East Sea Era” should be grasped firmly. Focusing on “improving city level and strengthening development power”, according to the requirements of building three platforms of City-Industry Integration Demonstration Zone, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Zone and Port-Surrounding Industrial Park, some other measures should also be taken, such as carrying out three major projects as industrial agglomeration integration project, investment attraction No.1 project and urban function improvement project, guaranteeing land, financing, environment, water resources and other elements, implementing the institutional mechanism, project promotion and supporting policies. It aims to be a model urban area in Wenzhou urban construction, a new growth pole for urban development, a forefront of economic development in bay area, so as to establish a city-industry integrated “Marine New Wenzhou”.

(Design Sketch of Oujiangkou New District)

“We don’t intend to build residential areas, but to establish a multi-form, multi-supporting and city-industry integrated new town”. The mission and goal of Oujiang International New Town is to develop into a city-industry integrated sample for new towns. During the development and evolution, it will take the development of residential project in the first place, and then attract top talents and gather popularity through “International Green Channel” healthcare, education and other urban services. In the future, it will utilize the resources of Jinmao and other leading enterprises, build a commercial complex and leisure commercial district around TOD, in order to improve urban supporting services. In addition, it will continue to import international high-quality industries, improve the innovative industry chain as “production-consumption-innovation-development-production”, build a sustainable development industry and living space, attract international business incubators and innovation enterprises, connect with international capital and international innovation technology, thus realizing the exploitation and operation of long-term sustainable development.

Oujiang International New Town is not only a starting point of Oujiangkou New District, but also a starting point of China Jinmao to establish quality standards for achieving brilliant next decade in Wenzhou. Its emergence will represent the prosperous future of Wenzhou from “Oujiang Era” to “East Sea Era”.


Due to the problem of Chinese to English translation in the article “Oujiang International New Town Appears on the International Arena, Huge Advertisement Shines on Times Square” that we published on our website on 6th December, 2017, there are some deviations between the two issues.

To avoid misunderstandings, the website clarifies as follows:

In the article, “Nord Anglia Education Group will be introduced in the education field” the correct title should have been “Nord Anglia Education Group will be planning to debut in the education field”. We are still in a negotiation stage, and there is still uncertainty about the follow-up to the debut, the introduction of Nord Anglia International Group to the education field does not rule out subsequent adjustments due to the government’s education division and schools.

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