SaintyCo Upgrades its 4 Series of Aprila Softgel Encapsulation Machines

SaintyCo, today announced its new generation of Softgel Encapsulation machines, the Aprila series. The upgraded soft gelatin encapsulation machines include Aprila SG50, Aprila SG100, Aprila SG200 and Aprila SG250.

They are all-in-one machines with tumbler dryers and the ability for fill oblong, round, oval, tubs and V-gel soft gelatin capsules. Each series of machine come with advanced control hardware and software.

“The Aprila series are the future of soft gelatin encapsulation process as they feature modular, compact and ergonomic design, which are key in capsule filling machines,” said Mr. Tony Zeng, SaintyCo Export Manager. “Reconfiguring and redesigning these Softgel machines has been our greatest challenge so far at SaintyCo.”

Every soft gelatin capsule filling machine is cGMP compliant with the following distinct features:

Aprila SG50 R&D Softgel Encapsulation Machine: Suitable for startups or small scale soft gelatin encapsulation processes such as in R&D. It has a production capacity of 8,160 to 25,920 Softgel/hour.

Aprila SG100 Soft Encapsulation System: It is designed for laboratories or R&D institutions. The production capacity varies from 18,360 to 48,960 Softgels/hour.

Aprila SG200 Medium Scale Soft Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine: The production capacity is slightly higher and it ranges from 38,880 to 87,360 Softgels/hour.

Aprila SG250 Large Scale Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine: It is a perfect choice for large scale soft gelatin encapsulation process. The production capacity ranges from 57,120 to 163,640 Softgels/hour.

In each SaintyCo Softgel encapsulation machine, the production capacity depends on the shape of Softgel, machine speed, size of soft gelatin and viscosity of fill material.

Moreover, these upgraded SaintyCo Aprila soft gelatin capsule filling machines, can be integrated with other pharmaceutical auxiliary support equipment. These may include, gelatin melting tank, service tank, mixing tank, pulverizer, sorter, inspection, polishing and printing machines.

Their unique designs feature SaintyCo’s patented technologies and innovations that ensure quiet operation besides long service lifespan of the tooling system.

For the dynamic soft gelatin capsule filling needs, SaintyCo can custom make the soft gelatin tooling system. This takes no more than 2 weeks.

About SaintyCo

SaintyCo researches, designs and manufactures foodstuff and cosmetic machines. For over 15 years, SaintyCo has expanded to over eight factories that deal in capsule filling, blister packing and film coating machines, amongst others.

All machines and equipment are CE and cGMP compliant. The latest in its product line are series of Softgel encapsulation machines.

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