Author’s new book “Sunflower Circle” receives a warm literary welcome

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Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

The cycle of life is a circle. What starts as a seed in freshly tilled soil blossoms to a life that is enjoyed by all, including the one who planted the seeds. But that doesn’t complete the circle. It continues until the summer season ends and the flowers droop, letting the seeds fall to the earth. And it continues in the fall when the stalks are harvested for creative ventures. And it continues through the winter while the gardener awaits the blossoms of spring and the hope of another circle. That is the circle of a very special flower: the sunflower. Its bright yellow circle attracts all kinds of wildlife and insect life to enjoy its hidden treasures. It also attracts the one who planted it, who comes daily to watch it grow and watch other life enjoy its nurturing blossoms.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a sunflower in full bloom. A field of sunflowers is a sight to behold. A circle of sunflowers is a vibrant metaphor of life itself. Scott Wright’s picture book story, Sunflower Circle, is a treasure. The beauty is in the story, but it is also in the spectacular color photographs that illustrate the story. And the message is clear: that everything in life completes a circle and everything in life is meant to be enjoyed at every stage of the circle. For, in observing each moment, each little aspect of beauty in the circle, we can discover who we are and how we fit into this circle. “We are One with everything and everyone, including the Sunflowers.” A powerful story for young readers, but one that will also be enjoyed by all ages.”

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