All the Money in the World rushing to the Oscar by the Chinese capital LSI culture & creative funds is highly anticipated.

The new film All the Money in the World directed by Hollywood famous director Ridley Scott was declared to postpone the release date in North America to December 25th and face against the competitor, The Greatest Showman, breaking through North America Christmas market with good reputation. It is reported that there will be more than a dozen of films shown in turns around Christmas in the United States this year, the north America Christmas market is perplexingly under pressure, but the film All the Money in the World is expected to achieve a great breakthrough by virtue of quality and reputation.


The change of release date of All the Money in the World will clash with the main competitor The Greatest Showman in Christmas market. The Sony Corp, which is in charge of the issue of All the Money in the World in the USA, is full of confidence in the quality of the film with no fear of direct competition of The Greatest Showman in the same Christmas market and declares to occupy the north America Christmas market by good reputation. It is reported that because Kevin Spacey was caught in a sex scandal, the director Ridley made a temporary decision to cut down all of his play and replaced him with Christopher Plummer to be starred in a corner by the richest man. In order to seize the Christmas market and get the Oscar prize, Ridley took 10 days to remake the film, which will be expected by the audience.

All the Money in the World was adapted from a kidnapping event in a rich and powerful family that had hit the world.The 16-year-old grandson was abducted by the kidnapper, but the world’s richest man refused to pay a $17 million ransom. From the exposed trailer, the adventure of kidnapping climax occurs repeatedly, tantalizing the audience very much. There is a strong lineup with Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer, and Marky Mark, who have a relationship with Oscar ever before. The film The Greatest Showman, as a new musical film made by the music team of the film La La Land, can be called a super century magic show, with the performance of Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron, the two handsome men together after several years, will receive high expectations from the North American audience. The powerful collision of the two films aiming at Oscar will tantalize the audience very much.

The joint importing party of All the Money in the World, LSI culture & creative funds(Leadbank Shine Investment culture & creative funds), is affiliated to the Leadbank Financial Services Group. Leadbank Finance Services Group is a top 3 high tech financial services group in China with the characteristics of the Internet and the core of asset management. The main shareholders include A shares large listed company such as Chenming Group, Xinhaiyi, etc. At present, the subsidiaries under Leadbank Group have held four financial licenses for public fund, public fund sale, fund subsidiary and private investment fund manager, and their businesses cover class fixed income, securities investment fund, equity investment fund, merger and aquisition fund, public fund,  comprehensive financial management and many other fields. Theannual transaction scale of Leadbank Finance Services Groups is over two hundred billion.

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