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Fentanyl Canada Addiction Treatment

Fentanyl is a narcotic opioid which is prescribed to patients with severe chronic pain that have been unable to get relief from other narcotic pain medications such as morphine or OxyContin.    Fentanyl sends messages to the brain and spinal cord in order to control the intensity of chronic pain that is usually associated with terminal stage cancer patients.  Fentanyl is a Schedule II narcotic; giving  it an acceptable reason for a medical prescription and it has a very high risk for abuse in which the users can develop a physical and or psychological dependence to it.

Fentanyl can be administered as a pill, skin patch, lozenge, given to the patient in the form of a shot, IV of a film that is placed under the tongue to dissolve. Street abusers of Fentanyl use the fact that it dissolves quickly in liquid to their benefit so that it can be added it to alcoholic substances and certain herbs like basil and be smoked.

Fentanyl has many positive uses, and if used properly and responsibly it can be of use to a patient with severe chronic pain.  However, like any other Schedule II narcotic opioid, there is the potential for abuse and misuse. Fentanyl is a hundred times stronger than morphine and forty times the strength of heroin.  So as one can see, it is very dangerous and the potential for overdose is very high.  

Fentanyl addiction occurs at different rates to different users.  Fentanyl is more potent than other drugs with an extremely desirable effect in which the user gets when under the influence of Fentanyl. The person may not even be aware of a developing addiction.

When seeking Fentanyl addiction treatment, Canada Addiction Rehab facility is the place in which to come to get help.  With a compassionate and trained staff, along with a serene environment, it is everything you or a loved one will need to get back on the path to sobriety. 

Every client that comes to Canadian Addiction Rehab is treated based on their own personalized medical care, circumstances, and addiction. There are several “research based treatment modalities that can be practiced individually or in group therapy sessions. 

Canadian Addiction Rehab treats everyone like family and is a family orientated facility; with strong beliefs in a team effort in which aid the clients to finish the program and go on to live their life in a clean and sober manner. 

About Canadian Addiction Rehab:

The professional staff at Canadian Addiction Rehab is empathetic, caring and dedicated to work with each patient as they learn how to live a new life that is free from drug and alcohol dependency.   Canadian Addiction Rehab makes a promise to each patient to provide them with the best quality care and understanding in getting them through this very challenging time in their life;  promising to help them recover as well as to rebuild the relationships with their loved ones that have been damaged due to the addiction. 

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