New Beginnings-Sober Living: A Safe and Relaxing Place to Receive Exceptional Treatment

A quiet, peaceful and private facility located in a North Toronto neighborhood that offers a beautiful landscape with an easy commute to the TTC Metro.

Whether someone is looking for treatment for themselves or for loved ones, Sober Living offers a variety of rehabilitative services that will meet their clients needs specifically for Men. Sober Living applies a client-centered approach to all their services including: One on One Counseling Therapy, Group Counseling, Life Skills, Relapse Prevention, 12 step and Time Management/Goal Setting. Sober living accommodates their clients living conditions with 5,000sq. Footage of modern style living which offers multiple lounge and entertainment areas, Private or Semi Private Suites, courtyard, outdoor bonfire pit, fitness area and a host of physical/recreational activities.

Sober living is considered an informal type of treatment that is catered to substance use disorders. The purpose of the facility is to ensure a stable, safe and drug-free environment that does not tolerate any substance abuse and use. An individual seeking services will be assigned living arrangements with other individuals who are battling the same issues. Some of the top features of a recovery-supporting living house includes: Facility is designed to be a drug-free setting, residents are encouraged to set up and work on specific goals, participate in 12-step meetings or group therapy sessions, Sober living houses require periodic drug testing to guarantee abstinence from substance abuse, and requirement of residents to follow the rules, complete chores, and prepare meals.

The website offers an in depth look into the differences and similarities of Sober Living versus a halfway house or rehabilitation center. This information is very important for an individual who is unsure of what type of facility best fits their needs. Sober Living has a unique and specific style of treatment. Sober living may not be the right choice if an individual has the following issues: actively using substance which would call for more intense treatment such as detox, having a history of aggression and violence to others and not being able to afford the fees in the facility. However, Sober Living can be a great fit if: a person had previous unsuccessful attempts at other programs, did not receive adequate treatment from outpatient services, does not have a strong and stable support system or needs to keep employment with a restriction free lifestyle.

About New Beginnings-Sober Living

Sober Living is a Male based facility that focuses on recovering from alcohol and drug dependency. Their mission is to transition their clients back into everyday life, acknowledge and recover from the effects of addiction and ultimately live rewarding lives. Sober Living offers years of experience helping those who are battling all kinds of addictions. Sober Living has a top rated 12-step therapy group with the best staff in Canada.

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Company Name: Sober Living Toronto
Phone: 855-787-2424
Address:3 Warrendale Ct, Etobicoke M9V 1P9
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada