‘Blue Lives Matter’ Brings Home the Much Neglected Truth

Ground-breaking and stunningly current, ‘Blue Lives Matter’ explores the line-of-duty deaths suffered by the law enforcement officers so that everyone knows that blue lives cannot be ignored. The stakes have never been higher for the ‘blue family’, and authors and career prosecutors Steve Cooley and Bob Schirn have worked tirelessly to piece together a valuable record that speaks directly to the current times.

‘Blue Lives Matter’ examines the deaths of eight police officers and one police canine in Los Angeles County. The book presents detailed accounts of the murder of two officers solved over 40 years later; an officer murdered in front of his young son; two officers kidnapped and taken to an onion field where one officer is executed, and an undercover officer murdered during a multi-million dollar drug transaction. Other cases discussed include an off-duty officer murdered by two gang members while riding his bicycle; a cop-killer who fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution; and a police canine killed in the line of duty protecting his handler during a shootout in which his handler was severely wounded.

Co-authors Steve Cooley and Bob Schirn discuss each case in detail, laying out the incidents that cost the officers their lives. The court proceedings are reviewed, including victim impact testimony of the effect of the officer’s death on family members and fellow officers. A Lessons Learned segment in each chapter is designed to increase officer safety and awareness of dangerous situations.

“A sobering and candid look at police officers who have been killed in the line of duty. It lays out the cold, hard realization of life on the blue line,” says one book reviewer.

Steve Cooley and Bob Schirn are career prosecutors. Cooley served three full terms as the District Attorney of Los Angeles County and was a reserve police officer for LAPD. He is uniquely positioned to discuss his involvement in each case and eminently qualified to provide perspectives and opinions.

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