Pop sensation and songwriter, Kelsey Vaz releases second single After a previously successful single, sultry pop artiste and prolific songwriter, Kelsey Vaz is set to

After a previously successful single, sultry pop artiste and prolific songwriter, Kelsey Vaz is set to captivate the hearts of music lovers once again as she releases the second single. The new single, titled ‘Pretty’ will hit the airwaves soon with releases on offline and online channels.

Kelsey Vaz is an R n B singer and songwriter from Ontario, Canada. Prior to singing her own songs, she had written some songs for other artists. Kelsey’s music is soulful and full of empowering lyrics.  

Pretty is coming after her first song, “Focus” achieved remarkable success with several views and downloads on multiple online platforms, including Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, and Sound Cloud. Focus was a success, but Kelsey is building on that success to make Pretty even more interesting and captivating. She is also using this opportunity to endear herself to her fans and increase her fan base.

Pretty Album Art Cover

Pretty is the quintessential R n B song. It is the classical embodiment of synergy between self-expression and musical rhythm. Pretty is on the opposite end of the spectrum, carrying a soulful melody and a dark underground sound.

According to the artiste, “this song started out as an acoustic ballad. It was inspired by personal events and stories told by my close loved ones.” 

Speaking on the motivation behind her latest song, the singer said ‘I found that there is a common expectation in emotionally trying situations that you are obligated as a woman to save face. The hook ‘just sit pretty’ is mocking the misogyny in personal relationships and the expectation that we will protect our integrity before our mental wellbeing.”

The artiste further said, “I want my listeners to connect with my words and stories. This is a bold song but carries a strong message. Women should not be afraid to voice out how they feel they are being treated.”

Kelsey was born Kelsey Vaz in Markham, Ontario. She recognized her passion at a very young age. According to an excerpt from the website, cargocollective.com, “she sang religiously as a past time as well as a way to reconnect herself with her mother who passed away when she was only 7. She wrote songs effortlessly as if they were diary entries and she had pages and pages of melodic compositions”

Kelsey Vaz

Kelsey grew up in a supportive and music-oriented family. This made her to be easily motivated and it provided an open resource for her to grow from. 

As a person who is against misogyny, she wants to use her song to help women who are being abused and are afraid to speak out.

“Presently in the media, various cases have surfaced about sexual harassment and abuse. Women are finally acknowledged for speaking out on their traumatizing encounters with powerful men in the industry. Finally, this conversation is happening and it is the perfect opportunity to release this song.”

Pretty is produced by Nate Smith, engineered by Tremaine Meikle, and written by Kelsey Vaz.

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