“Experience is built over time and that time can be reduced greatly when information is received and taught by an expert who can simplify the conversation.”
Frank Medina, Houston Insurance Agent is an insurance expert that wants to provide real life experiences while teaching beginners how to effectively pass their insurance exam.

Frank Medina, Houston Insurance Agent is an insurance expert that wants to provide real life experiences while teaching beginners how to effectively pass their exam.

With all the natural disasters occurring around us, there is a growing need for insurance professionals, especially claim adjusters. Insurance classes in Houston will begin January 04, 2018 and will be taught by Frank Medina, insurance guru.

Frank Medina is based in Houston and is one of few insurance experts who is licensed as a claims adjuster, has his general lines license and operates a successful independent insurance agency. Frank Medina Insurance offers several services for different insurance products that involve personal and commercial lines of business.

Frank’s solid background in claims and sales will help ensure that entry level insurance professionals attending his classes will be set up for success. Throughout his claims career, he has settled more than 5,000 claims. The courses that he will teach will cover the five topics below:

• Life and Health
• Property and Casualty
• Personal lines
• Adjuster
• Surplus lines

These classes will be held weekly, generally towards the end of the week and will be one to three days long depending upon which course is selected. The hours required to attend each day will be six to eight hours long. The price to attend these live classes will be $249.00 for each class.

Preparation is the foundation for learning. Individuals tend to do better remembering the material when the class is being taught by a live instructor. My recommendations are to take notes in class, ask questions and stay engaged as the chances of doing well on the exam will dramatically increase. The information provided in class will cover facts, terms, concepts and real-life examples related to the type of class taken. Before the class officially starts, make sure to obtain a copy of the candidate handbook which is available through Pearson Vue. This will give you an overview on the topics that will be covered.

Practice is strongly encouraged after taking the course. This will provide an opportunity to apply what has been learned. Reinforcing knowledge along with practice is the best way to master what was taught. After practice comes the time to perform. This is the point and time to demonstrate what was learned and apply solving problems techniques. The exam is multiple choice and the minimum passing score is 70. Read each question thoroughly but do not spend too much time on each question. If the answer cannot be determined after a minute save that question and move on to the next question.

Frank is able to simplify the learning process which allows the participants to focus on learning instead of asking several questions throughout the class. We understand that all attendees will have different experience levels pertaining to insurance that is another reason why many of the questions are addressed towards the end of each class.

Frank Medina Insurance is a virtual independent insurance agency in Houston that was established in 2013. This agency is licensed to operate in Wisconsin and Texas. Throughout the years, this agency has helped over a thousand customers. In addition to teaching these classes, Frank is a certified mentor that volunteers and helps further develop small businesses around his community.

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