Domestic violence survivor shares proven tips to fight domestic abuse in new book “The Will To Live: Finding The Strength Within To Survive”

Domestic violence survivor Drenda Williams has launched her new book “The Will To Live: Finding The Strength Within To Survive” which shares the proven tips and guides to fight and overcome domestic violence.

Belton, TX – December 19, 2017 – 1 in 4 women is a victim of domestic violence at present. These unfortunate victims mostly have no one to share these tragic events with; the worst is they have no way out but to suffer in silence. But not anymore. A brave domestic violence survivor-turned-female executive Drenda Williams has recently launched a book which shares a proven guide to successfully fight domestic abuse like the way she fought in her own life. Titled as “The Will To Live: Finding The Strength Within To Survive”, the book is aimed to empower teens and young adult victims of domestic abuse to rise up against this unjust treatment. 

The book has been launched in Amazon and many other leading platforms online like Barnes and Nobles. 

19% of college students are experiencing some form of dating violence while 32% of high school students are estimated to be in the risk of an abusive relationship. “The Will To Live” portrays the real life story of Drenda herself who had been a victim of severe physical and emotional abuse in the past. But unlike many others, she found the courage to fight back against the abuse and excelled to make a better life for herself. Each chapter of her book echoes her personal struggles with domestic violence. The book also extends guidance, proven tips, and reassurance to those who are suffering or on the brink of suffering domestic violence and are in a terrible need of a guide to come out of the crisis.

“I am a survivor of domestic violence and had my own long struggles with tremendous physical and emotional abuse. I know how that feels. It’s especially painful when you have no one to comfort you or guide you on how to overcome these situations. Through my own internal strengths, I managed to survive all those struggles and have a successful, prosperous, and purpose-filled life. I know there are many others who are suffering in the same situation and are not being able to find ways to escape the abuse. My book is for all of them, those who might be on the verge of domestic abuse, and those survivors who may still need healing”, stated the author while talking about her book. 

“Being a domestic abuse survivor, I feel this urge to help others who are suffering from the same traumatic situations that had turned my life into a nightmare years ago. I am dedicated to help teens, young adults and anybody out there who is or might find themselves in abusive relationships. My book will give the strength to do what you know is the right thing to do. I am positive it will instill the confidence to look beyond the sufferings and establish a successful life for yourself just as I did.” Drenda added in. 

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