HVAC Contractor in Pittsburgh, PA, Helps Homeowners Stay Comfortable through Winter

Phillips Heating is helping homeowners with their heating and air conditioning needs with repair, maintenance, and installation services. The HVAC contractor in Pittsburgh, PA, installs radiant heating systems.

The colder weather has settled in, and Phillips Heating is helping homeowners stay warm throughout the season. The HVAC contractor in Pittsburgh, PA, is available for the repair, replacement, and installation of heating and air conditioning systems. Homeowners can count on the certified and experienced technicians to keep their homes comfortable in all kinds of weather.

The winter season sees a higher demand for indoor heating. As such, it is important for homeowners to remain observant with how their systems are performing. Stale and moist air or uneven heating does not just make a home uncomfortable, it can also be a sign that the heating systems are failing or losing performance. The HVAC technicians at Phillips heating can accurately assess the condition of a system to determine whether repairs or replacement services are necessary.

Homeowners seeking a replacement for their current HVAC system can also consider radiant heating. The radiant heating system uses infrared radiation to provide even heating through a property’s walls, ceiling, or tile flooring. This heating system does not require air ducts, and instead uses a series of cables to disperse heat. The result is a pleasant, even warmth throughout the property. The technicians at Phillips Heating are available to install radiant heating systems.

As seamless as they seem to perform, it is always important to consider safety when using an HVAC system. Phillips Heating offers free carbon monoxide testing with every service. Homeowners will be well informed of the air quality of their home, empowering them to make the best decisions.

Call (412) 329-4373 or visit the website to learn more about radiant heating and other HVAC services. Phillips Heating proudly serves property owners throughout Pittsburgh, PA, as well as Cranberry, Wexford, Sewickley, Fox Chapel, and the surrounding area.

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