AnyFlip HTML5 Flipbook Tool Meets the Global Needs

“HTML5 flipbook”
The high technology brings the HTML5 flipbook content to life. AnyFlip caters the trends to satisfy the global needs with HTML5 flipbook tool.

AnyFlip finally adds that tinge of reality in the digital book world by introducing the HTML flipbook tool. This fascinating technology aided by realistic three-dimensional page flipping effect and variety of rich media, has handed the web authors with the ultimate magic touch.

According to Anna Lee, the Chief Designer of AnyFlip, “This technology will definitely encourage self-publishers to avail the digital world.” Aided with rich media and animation this fascinating HTML flipbook will allow the writers to obtain secure and reliable platform to publish.

“Now if a writer wants to publish his/her own novel, online, HTML flipbook tool offers him/her the option to do it in style”, added Lee. The authors here gets the flexibility of publishing the books online and also taking it offline in USB, DVD or any other similar form.

The plethora of flash animations and effects allows the writers to be able to add the desired level of dynamicity and interactivity, in their text. AnyFlip allows the authors to design their own book, as per their own wish and desire.

Now the authors are no longer required to stay in the mercy of the publishers and the press. AnyFlip has handed them over the greatest creative ammunition which will enable them to rule the digital world.

With the help of flipbook, the authors around the world can get more out from their books and publications. Similarly it is beneficial for the readers as well.

About AnyFlip

AnyFlip is a leader in the digital software publishing market. This one-of-a-kind desktop publishing software is currently being used by more than 30,000 authors around 130 nations around the globe. The PDF flipbook software allows its users to deliver their content via various devices and social media channels.  

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