Specialty Aesthetic Surgery Opens New Practice

Launches New Website to Debut New Practice

Oculoplastic and facial plastic surgery experts, Bruce Moskowitz, MD and Grigoriy Mashkevich, MD, are excited to announce the opening of their brand new cosmetic surgery practice, Specialty Aesthetic Surgery. The practice is located at 925 Park Avenue in New York City – and this premier location will serve as a central site for their patients.

“At Specialty Aesthetic Surgery, our patients will receive care in our ultra-modern office with state-of-the-art equipment and operating room. The new facility, combined with the streamlined patient experience and our technical expertise, honed by thousands of procedures, will result in the best possible outcomes and first-rate patient experience”. – Bruce Moskowitz, MD

To accompany the new practice, Specialty Aesthetic Surgery has also launched a new website which gives patients direct online access to the practice and offers information regarding plastic surgery. With procedure information, patient resources, and a before and after photo gallery, patients are going to feel informed and confident about the practice’s expertise in helping them achieve their aesthetic goals. The brand-new website compliments the doctors’ dedication to their patients by providing a complete educational experience that ensures each patient is fully informed and prepared throughout the process, from consultation and surgery to post-operative care and beyond.

“Specialty Aesthetic Surgery is a unique, collaborative practice of sub-specialists who offer advanced plastic surgery skills and work as a team to give patients superior results. Our mission is simple – to provide exceptional care that is patient-centered, compassionate, and meets or exceeds our patient’s expectations”. – Grigoriy Mashkevich, MD

Specialty Aesthetic Surgery’s approach centers on implementing the most modern, innovative, sub-specialized techniques to achieve the finest aesthetic, functional and emotional outcomes possible. Using their core strengths of experience, precision, and dedication, Specialty Aesthetic Surgery strives to lead as the premier practice of patient-focused, specialty aesthetic surgery care.

To learn more, visit https://www.specialtyaestheticsurgery.com/

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