‘Live Freely’ Introduces Reimagined Work Wear

The first apparel line made for those who work from home

Los Angeles, California – December 20, 2017 – Live Freely, a new fashion brand redefining modern work wear launched online Dec 15th, just in time for holiday gifting. The brand which was built to serve the rapidly growing freelance economy launched with its signature slipper, the Work from Home shoe. Their mission is to inspire you to reimagine how you hustle.

As a creative entrepreneur with a background in brand building at P&G, the switch from a fast-paced, corporate lifestyle to that of an independent business owner resulted in a simple realization for Live Freely founder Jen Miller: with so much time and thought given to what we wear outside of the home and for work, little do we consider what we wear at home. Live Freely seeks to change the way we think about modern workwear.

“I couldn’t be more excited to introduce Live Freely. Nearly 40% of Americans freelance and the way we work is different than the traditional 9-5 employees. It’s time we start thinking about how we can serve this community better. The launch of this brand, and our Work from Home shoes is just the start,” says Jen.

The slippers are hand-crafted by artisans in Peru from ethically sourced leather and baby alpaca fleece*. The fleece was selected for its incredibly soft, lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic qualities. Air pockets unique to alpaca fibers make the fleece warm but breathable while also providing a luxuriously cozy feel – perfect for all day wear.

“I first discovered the material and design during a trip to Peru while in college. I’d never felt anything so luxuriously soft. I, thought, people need to experience this. It’s a total game changer. When I set out to launch a brand for the artists, makers, and go-getters in this world, it only made sense to me that we support small businesses in the process. For me, Live Freely is the brand we’ve been waiting for, made by creatives for creatives.”

The slippers come in two colors: ‘Rosa’ pink and ‘Heather’ grey and in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Priced at $54.99. They can be purchased at www.livefreelyco.com. Free shipping is offered now – December 31st.

*Note: Baby alpaca fleece does not come from new born. It is a grading of how fine the fiber is (21.5micron).

For more information, or to book an interview, contact Jennifer Miller at 513.235.3403, jen@livefreelyco.com, or  visit www.livefreelyco.com


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