Contract packing from Cannon Packing and Logistics eases fluctuations in seasonal staff requirements

Seasonal and promotional demand for packing services fluctuates. It affects production and warehousing space as well as requirements for staff. Getting Cannon Packing and Logistics to handle packing requirements improves efficiency and productivity.

UNITED KINGDOM – 20 DECEMBER, 2017 – Product manufacturers, wholesale outlets and companies supplying consumer goods inevitably increase their packing requirements during the holiday season and other special occasions. Some companies need to hire more staff and rent additional storage and workspace just to meet the demand. Doing so means the company has to pay more for labour and storage facilities.

Cannon Packing and Logistics offers contract packing services. With contract packing, the customer does not have to worry about hiring new staff and finding production and warehousing space. There is no need to prepare a logistics plan either because Cannon Packing and Logistics takes care of everything.

Cannon Packing and Logistics offers a variety of services related to packing products of various sizes. Customers can request gift packing services. The company is able to meet seasonal trading demands and the peaks and lows of supply requirements. When a customer enters into a contract packing agreement with Cannon Packing and Logistics, they are ensured that the company will handle the packing, storage and dispatch of the products. It also handles assembly and stocking of display units, repacking, quality inspection, packing of samples as well as handling stock cleansing and returns. 

Customers are assured of one less worry when seasonal or promotional demand for products increases as Cannon Packing and Logistics has a full complement of workers. Customers retain control of their own businesses while Cannon Packing and Logistics takes care of the production packing to get their products ready and securely packed for shipment. Customers do not need to look for additional storage space either.

In contract packing, customers enjoy the flexibility and scalability of the service. Cannon Packing and Logistics will only charge for what the customers need at the time they need the packed products. Companies do not suffer from unavailability of products in case their own production team is too exhausted to work. Cannon Packing and Logistics ensures that their customers will have a continuous supply chain, with products delivered or shipped on time.

It is very convenient to have a company that offers contract packing, because customers do not have to hire extra staff and possibly appoint or hire a temporary supervisor when demand for products increases. It eliminates the need to invest in expensive packing machines that would be idle most of the time. Customers in effect gain more staff and additional floor space for product storage when demand peaks.

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Cannon Packing and Logistics is one of the UK’s top packing and logistics providers. Customers wanting to know more about its reliable and efficient contract packing, warehousing and other related services should check out the Cannon Packing and Logistics website. 

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