Online Music Resource Center Offers Top-Notch Singing Lessons

Seattle, WA – Online music tutorials are a good option for face-to-face learning. With online music lessons, there is a specific solution to one’s music learning needs from an expert through different mediums. For people who want to improve their skills, learn how to sing, or explore music theory, online music tutorials like Music-IC may fit their needs. Music-IC was created to provide top-notch singing training.

Music-IC partners with vocal coach Roger Burnley to create training exercises and awesome tutorials for those who are eager to learn. “My job as the coach is to have the client be able to sing whatever they desire. At the end of the online voice training session, I will give the client very specific areas to work on that we’ve discovered through the session.”

Music-IC ( is an online music resource center that provides interactive aids to supplement online music instruction. It has four modules for vocals namely How to Sing With Power, How to Sing Online, Vocal Chord Strain, How to Sing High Notes, and How to Sing In Tune. These modules are aimed at providing powerful vocal exercises and techniques to help anyone become the singer of their dreams. At Music-IC, learning to sing online is one way of saving lots of money. The money that would have been used commuting to and from music classes is saved. There is also no need to buy expensive materials or supplementary equipment because computers have cameras and microphones, which means no more extra purchase of expensive equipment.

Music-IC online music center spares everyone from the common stress that goes with commuting because it is taken without leaving home. It only requires a computer with internet connection and musical instruments if necessary. The scheduling is all about the student and what is suitable. At every place in the world, anyone who is interested to learn can access the online music lessons. Music-IC caters to everyone; whether a beginner or a seasoned singer, there is something about their modules that will suit anyone’s needs.

Learning to sing can be fun and less expensive. It only takes a great program, a professional voice coach, and a reliable music online tutorial.  Check out the voice coach directory at Music-IC here. Their website at also offers intuitive tutorials and guides on how to enhance the singing voice. Feel free to check them out. Music-IC is located at 4381 Myra Street Seattle, WA 34692 and can also be reached by phone at numbers 5092321122 or via email at

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