GoLine launches snowman LED product perfect for kids’ room decoration for Christmas

Product made from food-grade silicone that is soft, easy to operate, and safe for the kids

GoLine, a company that manufactures decoration items is proud to announce their snowman music LED for the Christmas season. The product is a cute looking snowman complete with a scarf, Christmas cloth, and hat, ideal for kids’ rooms and Christmas decoration. When switched on, the snowman shows a warm yellow light and can switch to the 7-breathing light. Melodious 12s music plays under the static multicolor light and breathing light. It is made from silicone material, making it soft to handle and perfect as a gift item for kids in this festive season.

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“This is by far the coolest snowman ever. We released it specifically for the Christmas season, so it can serve as a great addition to decorating kids’ room and other places in the home. It is true there are many products out there for decoration, but this one just beats them all. Everything about this snowman is fantastic from charging to turning on and off. So simple to use even your kids can operate it,” said Allen Zeng, a representative of GoLine.

The most challenging aspect of home decoration, especially during the Christmas season, is finding a unique approach and addition that will make a difference. GoLine offers the snowman LED with features that can make a huge difference in any interior decoration.

Features of the snowman LED

  • Short press power button to turn on and off, and long press to switch between light and music modes.
  • Tap control and rechargeable design for easy use.
  • Made from food-grade silicone, BPA free, and soft touch, making it a perfectly safe item for kids.
  • Comes with built-in battery that lasts for 20-hours, providing colorful lighting for the entire night.
  • Perfect gift item for kids, for birthday and Christmas, as a lamp in their room. They can dress up the snowman in DIY clothes and express their imagination.
  • Charging port at the side making it easy to recharge the battery.

“My little loves it. She wants to watch it when she’s trying to sleep. You can change color by just tapping. Also, it’s made of soft silicone material, so it’s much more resistant to breaking, which is a definite plus,” said Amanda B, a customer.

About GoLine

GoLine is a company that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of decorative items for homes. Their product line includes products of patented design, with amazing user-friendly features.

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