ZAG Sunglasses is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout\’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors

“A convenient way to sell Sunglasses with 28 pairs in each box across 3 categories.”
ZAG Sunglasses are quality products made to standards and positioned for affordability. Sales margins are in line or above other GM category products so deliver good returns whilst providing customers a desirable purchase.

The unique Box Display allows retailers to sell Sunglasses without large stands tying up space and dollars. The 7 styles in Fashion, Polarized and Drivers categories represent over 70% of Sunglasses sold so you do not have dead stock, it’s all about Convenience.

Many retailers have been in the position that they would like to sell sunglasses, as demand is there from consumers, however the space taken up to sales made doesn’t always stack up financially or practically for their business.

Well now there is a way to do this with the added bonus that the products are of quality standard and come in on trend styles. Pacific Consumer Link now offer Convenience Box Sunglasses across 3 categories with 28 pairs in each carton and priced very competitively. 

Place the box on a shelf, sell from it then simply refill the empty spaces from the convenient compartment by easily lifting the top off the box, so easy and quick that it takes very little time to have Sunglasses back on display.

When you sell through the products, or require additional back up stock, simply re-order another box or two and keep selling as with the boxes being relatively small they are easy to store if required.

The categories available are Fashion (RRP $14.99), which are suitable for any occasion and come in trend styles with predominately grey/smoke lenses that shield users from the harsh effects of the sun while looking good in the process. 

There are Polarized (RRP $19.99) products which are terrific for sports or around the water and these lenses really bring the world around you to life along with the obvious protection benefits that comes along with them.

There is also a Drivers (RRP $14.99) lens which enhances the environment around you when on a long or short journey in a vehicle and is also are simply an everyday lens which can be used to good effect in the outdoors.

Sunglasses are used by the majority of the population across the world and if you can sell good products at reasonable prices these products will always sell so retailers do not have the trepidation of having products on hand that will simply sit on the shelf.

We are targeting the Summer season to launch the products in the USA and customers can pre-order for this time by contacting us on the details supplied to ensure delivery of the products are in store and ready to go at this time.

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